Called to Serve God

Called to Serve God

Pulled Up From the Deep and Called to Serve God

I am called to serve God. Before, my life was a long, confusing, winding road. Society perplexed me. I wondered how people could care about the menial things they did and not care about the things that mattered most. The spiritual world always called to me. However, in a selfish society, I got lost in the circumstances of my life. Life had a way of bringing me back, although it was not the friendliest route.

After years of struggling with addiction and the unmanageability of my life, I heard a calling within myself. I began to see that God had a plan for my life. But, to fulfill it, I would have to surrender my life to God. My choices were to walk a spiritual path or to die an alcoholic death. It was not a hard decision for your average person, but for me, it was.

I took an honest look at myself and knew that I had more to offer than what I was giving. I was ready and asked God to help me. Then, I told God I had no idea what this was going to look like, but I would walk the path He chose for me. At that moment, I felt like a lost buoy yanked up out of the ocean and pulled up on to a ship. The Holy Spirit fished for my heart and caught me.

Called to Serve God as He Leads Me

I studied the Bible, day in and day out, and stayed in prayer as long as could. I felt the desire and received baptism. Shortly after that, I heard a calling to ministry.  Called to serve God, I researched ministry schools online that would be affordable. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the Christian Leaders Institute. Immediately, I signed up and have been taking classes ever since.

Shortly after I started school at CLI, while looking for a job, I found a listing for an Executive Assistant to a Global Minister. As it turns out, I am an Executive Assistant. I applied for the job and got it. Now, I have been working and studying in the Ministry for a year. My heart is full of gratitude and love that I get to work and study in my passion, which is God.

The Deacon Minister Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance is another exciting step in my ministry journey. All the Glory and Praise to the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit that I am here on Earth, studying at CLI, and ordained at CLA. I will do all that I can to serve Him. May I do God’s will always.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.