Reaching Those With Disabilities

Reaching Those With Disabilities For Christ

Reaching Those With Disabilities

My name is Jacob Garber, and I am called to reaching those with disabilities. I live in Michigan in the United States. I enjoy reading nonfiction and also like to camp and fish in my spare time. The last born of four children, I was born in 1983. My grandmother modeled a living faith and contentment to me, and at the age of 13, I gave my heart to Jesus.

I received a call into ministry in my junior year of high school. The key experience that led me to pursue ministry was the feeling of knowing that if I didn’t people wouldn’t go to heaven and the burden that put in my heart. I originally thought I had misheard God because I thought to myself how can a person with Cerebral Palsy be a minister. However, God used that fact as part of my calling. My ministry dream is to connect those with disabilities to God and help them to know him better.

Ministry Training

I hold an Associate of Divinity Degree from Christian Leaders College and am currently working on my Bachelors of Divinity there. I also hope to complete a Masters of Divinity with the graduate certificate in disability ministry from Western Theological Seminary, after completion of my bachelors.

Ministry Journey

I enjoy working with children to help them know God better. So, I volunteer as a youth minister at my church. One word that would describe me is a pastor and another is a teacher. These two roles are what I strive for because I feel called to shepherd people. I want to help them to know God better and to teach them His word. Currently, I am using my ministry training to help the children in my community better understand who Jesus is.

Please, pray for our children that their hearts might be receptive to the gospel and that their parents would come to know Jesus as well through our efforts.


I am seeking ordination through the Christian Leaders Alliance. The Deacon minister ordination will assist in my ministry. It will allow me to spread the message of inclusion for all with disabilities in God’s Kingdom in a wider context. God’s the controller, and I am just the wheels.

Please pray for me as I found my ministry for reaching those with disabilities. I hope to include my whole county. The ministry training and ordination had been very formative to me because they have given me a solid basis for doing ministry and more skills that I didn’t have before.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.