Ministry Journey to Ordination

Ministry Journey to Ordination

Ministry Journey to Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance

My name is Dwight R. Ware Sr., and here is my ministry journey to ordination. First, a bit about me. I married Karen, my lovely and beautiful wife, on April 25, 1985. We have two beautiful children and two grandchildren. We live in Selma, Texas.

Early Life and Conversion

I’m the last of fourteen children. I was born in 1966. My parents raised their children with love and joy as best that they knew how.

As a young man in my early twenties with two young children, I struggled and failed numerous times at being a Godly example to my wife and children. Through the hardships that I predominately caused, God’s grace and mercy brought me to a point in life when all else failed, that I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.

Calling to Ministry

The calling to ministry came as I began reading the scriptures and praying, which started the love and joy of God’s word. These practices led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that was life-changing for me. I had an overwhelming desire that was kindled within me to learn and study God’s word and attend Bible college.

Unfortunately, I listened to the voice of discouragement and uncertainty on how I would be able to make a living and provide for my family by attending Bible college or seminary.

Several years later, I attended college for a career as an automobile mechanic, but I did not feel this was a career I would be satisfied with doing for the rest of my life. As a result, I switched to the medical field and later graduated as a Respiratory Care Practitioner. Through working and praying with patients, family members, and hospital staff, Jesus Christ molded and prepared me for the ministry.

Ministry Journey to Ordination

I occasionally would go to the prison facility and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need of forgiveness and love. I also would gather with others in their church for fellowship. Most of my ministry was in the hospital setting. I was ordained and licensed as an independent minister in 2016.

Ordination with CLA and Further Studies

My joy is having prayer and fellowship with those from different cultures and backgrounds. My hobbies are reading, fishing and cooking with my wife.

The Deacon Ministry Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will give me credibility and confidence in my future goals. It will provide me an opportunity to minister in a friend’s church.

It has been a blessing to my family and me by having the training opportunities provided by Christian Leaders Institute. The training has given me the ambition and drive to work towards my Bachelor of Divinity degree, which will help me in my ministry future.

Please pray that God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ will give my wife and me the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in God’s kingdom for evangelizing to others around the world.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.