Journey to Ordination at CLA

Journey to Ordination at CLA

Journey to Ordination at CLA

My name is Tendai Eddy Chihuri, and the following is my journey to ordination at CLA. I am called to serve in the kingdom of God and assist in spreading the gospel of salvation to all nations. I am 36 years old, married to Gamuchirai, and blessed with three wonderful children. They are Tawananyasha (Katie), Anenyasha (Eddy Jr) and Munenyasha (Michael). We live in Chegutu, Mashonaland West in Zimbabwe.

In March of 2015, Our Senior Pastor at that time approached us to consider taking a pastoral role in our church. However, since we were recovering from an unfortunate incident that shook us and drained us financially and emotionally, we declined. We instead assisted an ordained minister to lead a new branch church, which launched in May of 2015. The calls and home visits by the Senior Pastor continued. Therefore, in December 2016, they ordained us as ministers of a community church which we led until December of 2019.

In the last quarter of 2019, we faced financial challenges. Also, the responsibility of leading two community churches took a toll on us as a family. Therefore, the churches encouraged us to take a sabbatical from ministerial duties. It was a decision that affected my confidence. Spiritually, I sought answers as to why we failed to serve the churches that God gave to our care.

My Journey to CLI and Ordination at CLA 

I searched and enrolled in numerous online Bible courses. However, not all of them seemed to satisfy my desire and zeal to acquire sound doctrine and knowledge of the gospel. I knew I had a call to serve in God’s vineyard. Then, I stumbled upon the Christian Leaders Alliance website. Enrolling at the Christian Leaders Institute and attempting my first course brought the satisfaction of being equipped for ministry and personal development.

I thank God for affording me the opportunity to get free ministry training and ordination through the Christian Leaders Institute. It provides the rock-solid foundation for serving in the kingdom of God. That is not because of the title, but because God has set me apart to proclaim the Gospel. I look forward to completing my Diploma in Ministry by December 2020. I have the support of my wife, family, and the leadership of Harvest House International Church. The blessed leadership of the Christian Leaders Institute is an answer to prayer.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.