Calling and Ordination Journey

Calling and Ordination Journey

My Calling and Ordination Journey Led to CLI and CLA

My name is Sheila Munn. Writing about my calling and ordination journey is emotional and challenging. God called me to be a pastor in 2000. I was so afraid and gave God all the reasons why He could not use me. My pastor at my home church told me three times before he died, and I said I have to hear it myself. For many reasons, I was afraid. However, the main one was that I did not want to shame God.

When I finally answered God, I was pregnant with my now fifteen-year-old son. I was at work, and I fell on the floor on my face and said, “I hear You, and I am coming.” The call of the Spirit of our Heavenly Father was undeniable.

My Calling Confirmed

However, two years went by, and I was sitting in the morning worship. The message had been preached, and a woman was standing in this fueled crowd of worshipers. The Spirit took me out of the group and spoke to me. He said, “Shelia, I still mean what I said.” I began to cry while sitting there, and everyone thought I was caught up in the Spirit. I gave excuses again, and the Spirit cut me off with scripture.

The Spirit said, “Shelia, ten lepers came to Jesus.” I said, “Lord, I know, and only one came back and gave Him thanks.” He said, “That is not what I want you to see in this. They were healed as they went.” I cried again because I understood that He knew where I was at, but also where He was taking me. I said yes again and began to prepare to accept His call.

My Calling and Ordination Journey Led Me to CLI and CLA

Now I pastor a small group, and it is a delight. The Spirit of God is developing me along the way, and I give Him all glory and praise. I am an ordained elder since 2009, and I have been pastoring since 2006 in my living room. We got a worship place in December 2019.

I wish to be ordained by the Christian Leaders Alliance and continue in the work God called me to do. Praise be to God for all He has done throughout these fourteen years. Praise God for this ordination opportunity through the Christian Leaders Institute and the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.