Licensed Life Coach Minister

Licensed Life Coach Minister

Are you at a place in life to coach others? Maybe you are retiring into a passionate purpose. Have you thought of pursuing becoming a licensed life coach minister through the Christian Leaders Alliance?

Licensed Life Coach Minister (16 Credits)

The Licensed Life Coach Minister program is a 16 credit training program.

Ministry Training

Connections (3 Credits)
Christian Basics (3 Credits)
Ministry 101 (3 Credits)
Influence Smart (1 Credit)
Life Coaching Ministry (3 Credits)
Officiant Ministry Skills (2 Credits)
Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Credit)

Total:  16 Credits

Dr. Anthony Raimondo is on the path. As a retired teacher, he is now launching into his next mission.

Here is his story:

My name is Anthony Raimondo. Born in Newark, New Jersey, I presently live in Clifton, New Jersey. I am a retired teacher and passionate about writing Christian based books, both fiction and nonfiction and screenplays.

My wife and I have 46 years of marriage with two sons, Antony and Jared. My wife Fedela and I have had our ups and downs, rights, and lefts along with raising children. However, because of our strong Faith, Love, and Forgiveness, we were able to overcome those issues. Presently, my wife and I are retired from full-time teaching.

I have taught from the second grade to the university level as I hold a Masters in Speech Drama Communication, a Masters of Educational Supervision, and a Doctorate in Educational Supervision, with various teaching and principal certificates. I am also the author of the Least of Brother Series, which includes Matt 25:40, Protect & Serve, Deadly Change, An Interview With Death, and Faith on the Rocks (in progress).  My Christian nonfiction titles are Journey Through Revelation, Faith Challenge, and Our Storied Lives published on Amazon. The books are to help individuals discover their true God-given calling in life by recognizing their talents and gifts that God has given them.

My walk with Christ began at the age of nine after being diagnosed with Epilepsy. Due to my strong desire to be like other children, and my boldness, I refused to take safety measures. As a result, I soon discovered and came to believe that Christ was protecting me in my rebellious nature. Christ, through the Holy Spirit and his protecting angels, saved me from some incidents where I could have been seriously hurt and died. At the age of 16, I was led by the Holy Spirit to learn to meditate; this helped to control my seizures until I was no longer having any.

Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, has always been there for me. During the late ’60s and early ’70s, while many individuals were seeking a mentor or guru for enlightenment, I decided the only real counselor for mentorship was the Holy Spirit. I have often heard the Lord speak to me and direct my path. I have also done my own will from time to time, and the Lord had to redirect my walk or placed obstacles in my way to lead me to His will for my life.

On many occasions, I have cried for my wrongdoings. For, as Paul stated, my spirit was willing, but my flesh was weak. However, I was blessed to be able to see my actions through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. He showed me my errors. The Lord God has been merciful and patient with me, while the Holy Spirit removed the desires of my flesh.

I have loved Jesus Christ and the Father my whole life, but I was not always a righteous son. Even now, knowing that Christ suffered for me and paid for my sins, it pains me that I caused Him such pain. I still weep when I recall the sins of my past. Yet, I know that God forgives me because of Christ’s dying for me.

I had several occupations before the Lord pushed and pulled me into a career I did not want. I soon discovered that the Lord had given me a talent for speaking and teaching. Due to this gift, I was and still am very good at it. After 20 years as an elementary teacher, I retired. During these past five years, I taught public speaking at the university level.

For 31 years, I have met every Friday at 6 am for a Bible Study, prayer, and breakfast with a group of Christian men. One of the members is an elder of his church, and we have had a pastor at our table. I have visited those in prison on serval occasions with a group of men. My wife and I have had prayer meetings in our home. I have been involved in over a dozen men’s three-day retreats for Christian Men as part of the Tres Diaz movement. Also, I had a prayer conference call on Thursday nights with two other Christians from Ohio on a conference call. We meet on the Internet, and after four years, we finally met in person with our spouses.

Since my retirement, I produced an Internet Radio Show called the Doc Speaks on Intention Radio and Videos on YouTube. It is a one-hour Christian talk show with meditation for the Christian Community and those searching for answers. On the radio program, I have had guests share how they came to the Lord and their present walk with Christ. I have a modest number of listeners, and if that is God’s Will and Intention, that is fine with me. If the show helps to bring one person to the Lord, I have served Him well.

Now at the age of 70, I no longer produce the Radio Show. It ran weekly for nearly three years and with 164 Videos on YouTube. The Lord is directing me on a different path, one of coaching young men to have the Christian walk that God desires. The Lord has placed on my heart the need for men of all ages to have a more dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Too many churches are empty of male believers. God desires that men return to church because the time is coming for influential Christian leaders. My call from the Lord is to help bring men back to a more active role in the church. It is, for this reason, I want to take classes at the Christian Leaders Institute.

I was feeling the Lord’s gentle nudging to receive more training to minister. It will assist my YouTube ministry, and my Warrior Prayer Ministry on FaceBook called Lord & Doc Ministry. I encourage Christians to pray and fast for our nation and Christians and nonbelievers around the world. It is a labor of love for the Lord.

At present, the ministry opportunities that the Lord is guiding me into continuing to write books and Christian based films for a more global audience, still in pre-production. Without sounding like a promotion, I would like the members of CLI to visit Amazon and take a look at my books, and visit my website, Some of my books are available for free on Kindle, and the Lord has inspired most of them.

I want to give thanks to CLI for all the excellent courses and the free education it provides. It helps me to continue to grow in the Spirit. The CLI courses offer ideas for my writing, as well as relating to lukewarm Christians and nonbelievers. It also helps to renew my desire to become a licensed Life Coach Minister. I would hope that everyone at CLI would pray that the talent and mission that the Lord has given me would bring God’s Word to a broader audience.

CLI offerers an excellent study program every Christian should take. I know from experience that they will benefit significantly from it. Thank you, and God bless everyone at CLI!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.