Clergy Call to Marriage Ministry

Clergy Call to Marriage Ministry

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My name is Michael Weis, and I have a clergy call to marriage ministry. Currently, I call Wisconsin home and am a licensed Social Worker. I have an amazing, God-honoring, and blessed wife, and two beautiful daughters (4 and 3). However, my journey has taken my family and me around multiple corners of the country. I have lived in Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, and grew up in Missouri.

I grew up in the Catholic tradition, which gave me a strong sense of spirit and theology of faith. But with every great journey, there are many bumps. Thankfully, my childhood was not tumultuous or troubled. My mother and father had a healthy Christian marriage, and my brother is my best friend to this day. I officially committed my life to Christ on my own volition at the age of 15.

Testing My Faith and God

As I grew older, my mind started to question. I would not necessarily say I ever doubted God and his Son, but I challenged Him. My beliefs turned to selfishness and “living for the moment.” I was the typical college kid: played baseball, joined a fraternity, partied hard, and dabbled in many things. It was my “testing” of faith. If God were for me, He wouldn’t let trouble or death find me. Testing God, in this way, is not wise. Much misfortune befell me, and it took a long time for me to dig out of that personal, emotional, and spiritual hole.

Numerous mentors showed me the Love of Christ and an introduction to Apologetics. I became enthralled with the reconciliation between faith and science and fascinated with the human condition and mind. My studies took me to obtain my BS in Psychology and then on to an MS in Social Work. People became my life. God’s children became my passion as I specialized in abnormal Psychology, Trauma/Trauma-Informed Care, and Addiction. Currently, I am a Medical Social Worker in a hospital and a Professor of Social Work at Concordia University in Wisconsin. I also serve as the Director of Trauma-Informed Care for a local Christian organization.

Called to Ordination

My passions pull me toward ordination as a Pastor in some form. Therapeutically, counseling people in the church, with a robust Biblical healing perspective, to help them overcome their struggles, oppression, and vulnerabilities. Also, I have strongly desired to be a peer who would be able to officiate marriages for those seeking a close person whom they trust to carry such a Sacred and Eternal process. The continued professional development in the faith allows my potential for ministry application (God willing) to flourish.

Clergy Call to Marriage Ministry

Specifically, my area of interest is Marriage Ministry. My career as a Social Worker has shown me the truth. The breakdown of the family unit is the most significant contributing factor to the ills of our civilization, demonstrated worldwide and historically. But, family first starts with a God-honoring marriage.

Becoming an Officiant Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance and through the classes at the Christian Leaders Institute will allow me to counsel, guide, and join couples who have expressed their intentions to participate in this Sacred Union and further God’s Kingdom. I desire, through my God-given gifts, to be a part of the familial restoration of our culture(s) and facilitate the eternal outcomes that will result.

I believe that all persons can thrive and be strong in the Lord. However, sometimes those abilities are overshadowed by challenging circumstances. With the right guidance, coaching, and life-giving words, the circumstances can be overcome by a God who conquers all and fights for His children.

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.