Ordained Clergy Journey

Ordained Clergy Journey

My life’s journey and ordained clergy journey have been a mixed bag of emotions and hardships. While I grew up in the church as the son of a minister, I felt pressured to be just like my father. Like most preacher’s sons, I rebelled against the expectations of being, “just like my father.”

My childhood wasn’t perfect as I dealt with poverty, bullying, and health issues that kept me from being with friends. I heard the gospel at an early age and accepted the Lord in my early teens. It wasn’t until the late teens that I left the church, but never truly walked away from God. I left my home, my family, and the church and moved from Michigan to North Carolina.

Even then, God was looking out for me. Always being blessed, I worked hard, married, and finished college. I always kept my Christian teaching and morals with me, and they served me well over the years. Even though I was not in church, I kept my faith.

Challenges and Realization

Some years later, things got harder. I went on to deal with financial issues, marital problems, the death of my mother, and issues with work. It became a burden I couldn’t handle. My wife and I were at a crossroads in our marriage. At this point, she asked to attend church with me for the first time. Here is where the long road to recovery started.

In the last two years, I realized that I wasn’t running away from the church but from the calling. The calling was to be more than just a number in the church or a person in a pew. I am not sure where my calling will take me, but since accepting the calling, I was nominated and approved as an elder of our church. I worked hard to improve not only my relationship with God but also with my wife and to guide my wife in her relationship with God.

Since then, my wife has been baptized and is very active in the church. Our walk is just starting. We are keeping our minds and hearts open as we let the Lord decide where we will be going on this walk with Him.

Ordained Clergy Journey and Further Study at CLI

In addition to my background, I am now on the path to Deacon Minister Ordination. This ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance will help me receive the training and credentials to advance my ministry. I work with homeless ministries to spread the gospel and show love and compassion to those on the streets.

Being able to take the classes through Christian Leaders Insitute has been a great blessing. It allows me to focus financially on the ministry put before me and to help others. It also keeps me from going into debt and causing a financial burden on my family. As a Vision Partner, I will continue to give back to the program to help support others.

Prayers for my ministry and the Lord’s guidance will always be much appreciated. I don’t know where this path leads me, but I am walking this path that the Lord has placed before me.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.