Appointed To Be A Herald, an Apostle, And Teacher Of Nations

My name is Robert McConkey, and I am an on-fire, Dispensational and nondenominational Christian 47 year old Christian. I have already attended Bible College in the past, and got my Diploma In Ministerial Training from Sierra Pacific Bible College, when I lived in California. I had been living in Colorado, until I had to move to Arkansas, of which I am staying temporarily.
My Deacon Minister Ordination, that just occurred yesterday, after receiving Deacon Minister Ordination Certificate, and having my ordination ceremony in the beautiful wood chapel in Bella Vista assist my ministry in starting a house church which will be named Gennao Anothen Ekklesia (Born Again Church) Or The Church Of The Way, and in my calling to bring the Gospel Of Grace given to those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord And Savior, and spread it to every part of the United States and beyond. Or Paul would put “called to be an apostle, a herald, and teacher of nations.”
The “open doors” or ministry opportunities that are being put into your path at this moment, are that before this, I along with my mother, have gone to Alma Rehabilitation And Health Care Center in ministering to those that ended up there either by their own choice, or by others and being hope, I have been doing my best to be a spiritual father, to Jason, also a Christian, and is bound to a wheelchair. And we both go to the United Methodist Church, to help out in their ministry, as help the help the house that our friend Lisa is a pastor of grow. I have already shared my work in ministry to you, as I previously mentioned. However, I would also like to share, that I also started missionary work, when I 17 years old at TMI (Teen missions International) and continued it in my 20’s at YWAM (Youth With A Mission).
This free ministry training and ordination been formative in your ministry’s future, in that is has helped to be better and more effective pastor, and While I been attending CLI, I have already Commissioned Pastor Diploma, Christian Leaders Diploma, Christian Bible Leaders Certificate, and a Christian Leaders Basics Certificate.
This would be my secondary ordination, because I was already as a pastor by Chaplain Jimmie Warren through his website. You pray for you in my ministry, for God to guide to continually have a shepherd’s heart, and for the mantel of the preacher, to be continually bestowed on me, that is soaked in the blood of Jesus and singed by the fires of hell. I also I will need continual prayers for strength, because the temporary move here has “uprooted” me and caused to be “planted” where I can’t flourish, in this “foreign” soil.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.