Commissioned Youth Minister Ordination

Commissioned Youth Minister Ordination

This Commissioned Youth Minister role will help me in my ministry. I am especially working with mentees in Africa. These are mostly young addicts who have come to the Lord. Some of them are studying with CLI to further their education and get a better career opportunity.

This role will also complement my other awards with CLI in giving me all-around training to be more efficient in my ministry in the church and outside the community. Especially at this time of covid, young people need to be given the hope of the Bible, God’s Word. Then they can understand that we must at all times have our eyes focused on God’s promises as in Jeremiah 29: 11.

As a Commissioned Youth Minister, the task of imparting hope and renewed incentive to the young people, be it in the church or the outside community, becomes a great challenge. Through well-rounded training as offered by the Christian Leaders Institute and having the hope and incentive ourselves to share with the young people. We do this sharing through role modeling and innovation in catching the young people’s interest in God’s Kingdom. This role gives me the confidence to stand up and lead as a Commissioned Youth Minister in these troubled times. I stay focused on my mission and upon hope found only in the Word of God.

My Salvation Journey to Youth Ministry

As a young man brought up from childhood in a strict Christian home, I experienced the prodigal son’s journey when I let myself be attracted by the outside world. At 17 years old, I enlisted in the Air Force, wanting to serve my country. My short experience there brought me face to face with the reality of life. I was a sharpshooter trained as a potential sniper. However, that is where I drew the line. My mother taught me the importance and worth of a person’s life in God’s sight from childhood. The ten commandments resounded in my ears.

So, I left the Air Force to find my own way in the world. I found nothing there that could replace the joy of knowing God that my mother planted in my heart as a child. I understood all in the world was but an illusion. Rapidly, the world’s attraction faded, and I found myself back in the church. I had been baptized at 11 years old, and I decided to get baptized a second time with the full knowledge of the choice I was making in taking a stand for my God in my personal life.

Mentors and Training

As a young man, I would not have made it back alone had there not been some solid role models in the church who believed in me and took me under their wings to mentor me and bring out the best in me. I stood up bravely to preach my first sermon at 19 years old. My knees were shaking in front of an impressive audience. I thought I would never make it, yet I was given a chance to attend Bible camp and learned to find my self-confidence. Soon, I was preaching to large congregations all over Australia. From a lad with not much self-confidence, my mentors saw in me the potential, and by their encouragement and patience, I became a young lay preacher.

Therefore, I stand today with many awards from CLI and have found my vocation in working with young addicts. I bring them to God to find a new objective for their lives. It is at the time of youth that the most impact is made upon one’s life. If the right mentors and role models come along at that time, it can lead to a significant turning point in a young person’s life that will direct the course of their life for the positive if led by God.

Open Doors for Ministry Opportunity

I am setting up a community interest project in Devon, UK. It operates as an essential service at this time of covid. I will cover different roles such as life coach, counselor, and chaplain working with the youth and at different community levels. It is a great open door that my broad and in-depth CLI training has opened for me.

Stepping out in faith is what I have been doing over the past five years. I have been studying with CLI. God has parted the waters and led me to higher ground, thanks to my all-round training with CLI.

Free ministry training and ordination have been formative in my ministry future. God blessed and opened the way to an essential service in my community. It has been a great adventure! The formative studies with CLI over the past five years led me to this community outreach ministry. I have the opportunity to work in the community at large.

Please, pray that I will, at all times, keep my eyes focused on God’s Word. That I may reflect that in my life and character as I carry forward my ministry, especially with the Youth. Thank you, CLI, for the great in-depth ministry training!


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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.