Ordained Truck Driver Chaplain

Ordained Truck Driver Chaplain

Ordained Truck Driver Chaplain

My name is Brandon. I’m married to my wife, Stacy, and I have three stepsons and two daughters. I’m a truck driver by trade, but I feel God is calling me to serve. I feel called to minister to other drivers.

Thousands of drivers out there are away from home, away from the church, and surrounded by temptation.

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. I didn’t come to know Jesus until I was in my mid-thirties. It was about the time the movie “Passion of the Christ” came out. I was working one day and felt a strong urge to see the movie. This was very unusual for me and my life at the time, so looking back, I know God was leading me to him. After seeing the movie, I gave myself to the Lord.

My Ministry Call

For the past couple of years, I’ve been feeling a new call. To study for the ministry. God is calling me to minister to truck drivers through online ministry as well as ministering at truck stops. I have an online ministry and podcast called Truckers Church, giving weekly Bible messages drivers can access on the road. I plan to expand the ministry to live services at truck stops across the country. These courses will be of great help to me. I have looked into many schools, most of them I can’t afford. I’ve also looked at reviews of the Christian Leaders Institute and found nothing but favorable remarks. I look forward to getting a high-quality education and training here.

My plan is to earn my bachelor’s degree in divinity at CLI and transfer to Western Seminary for a Master’s degree. I want to become a hospital Chaplain in the future. The Ordination Ministry ordination will help me greatly in my ministry. My goal is to become a Chaplain and a house Church minister. I host a house church and am a coach with Cross Waves Church, a house church network.

I have a ministry for truck drivers called Truckers Church, serving drivers away from home. The free training at Christian Leaders Institute has helped me greatly. Not only in learning the Bible, but also in how to deal with people, teaching others, and how to conduct myself as a ministry leader. I appreciate any prayers for me, my ministry, and most of all, the people that I am trying to help.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

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