Continued Biblical Education

Continued Biblical Education and Ordination

Chris Fitzhugh has an HVAC business in Jacksonville, Florida. He also prepares for house church gatherings and receives continued biblical education through the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). Chris enjoys teaching his son Jiu-Jitsu and taking family camping/mission trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ultimately, Chris’s greatest joy is expanding God’s kingdom, growing the Church, and sharing the gospel. This ministry is what Chris and his wife Yana live for.

Ministry Journey Begins 

It has been a long journey since the year 2000 when Chris first heard the “Rhema” Word that ultimately worked for his deliverance. It was after this that he felt a strong call to ministry. His journey had just begun. Years later, the Lord answered Chris’s prayer for a godly wife. He married an on-fire Christian woman in their home church, Beaches Chapel.

Not long after their marriage, they began seeing the need and feeling the desire for more organic church fellowship and local outreach in the streets. With much support and contributions from church brethren, family, and friends, Chris and Yana began giving out requested Bibles in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and Saint Augustine, Florida. They would also expand this outreach to Atlantic Beach and downtown Fernandina, Florida. This service soon became a weekly event. In 2016, Chris and his wife found a local house church. This is the same church that they host regular Sunday morning meetings for.

In 2018, through the Lord’s obvious inspiration, they finished writing “The Testimony of a Butterfly,” a short story/tract. It uses the metamorphosis of a butterfly in an allegory to illustrate the journey Christ made for sinners to the saving of the soul.

Continued Biblical Education Needed

During the time spent in evangelism and house church ministry, Chris saw the need and felt the desire for official ordination and continued biblical education. With his wife and son to lead and provide for through his HVAC business and a house church family to host and care for, Chris knew that he needed an online Bible school to avoid sacrificing the necessary time for them.

In 2020, through God’s providence, Chris found and became a student of the Christian Leaders Institute. Donors support this mentorship-based online school. This fact made it possible for Chris, not only financially but physically, to be able to continue his service while expanding his education. CLI is just what he needed! The physical and financial burdens that are normally placed on students at Bible colleges are virtually non-existent here. It’s for this reason that Chris has decided to be a financial donor himself. Doors of ministry that God provides are being unlocked through the Christian Leaders Institute ordination. Places that would have normally been inaccessible are now becoming attainable physically and financially.

Pray for Chris, Yana, and their son, Jedidiah. May our Lord continue His grace to work in them and through them. May the Lord would use this ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance to increase God’s kingdom.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.