Chaplain Study and Ordination

Chaplain Study and Ordination

A Dream Come True

Hello! My name is Joanna Jarrell. The Chaplain study and ordination at Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing for me (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here).

I come from Richmond, Virginia, in the beautiful United States of America. I am the youngest of two daughters. We grew up with parents who raised us in faith and morality. They also stressed hard work and impeccable manners.

I grew up in the local neighborhood public schools and made good grades. Then, I went to the local community college, where I majored in Early Childhood Education and Liberal Studies. I have worked with young children in some capacity since I was fifteen years of age.

My Job and Early Calling

I am now a Reading Interventionist with Chesterfield County Public Schools in a suburb of Richmond. I have worked for the school system for thirty years, teaching reading and language to English Language Learners and American students alike. Before working in the public school setting, I was an assistant in a private preschool. I worked with and taught the preschoolers to prepare them for kindergarten.

From a very early age, I felt a calling to the ministry. However, I didn’t know in what capacity God had planned for me, and I was too young to know to pray for guidance in this area. I could become a nun, but I could serve the Lord without living such a restrictive lifestyle.

Crisis Led to Change

Last summer, I had a crisis with my job. It was a crushing blow when they phased out my position and placed me in a different department and position. Unfortunately, the county school system mishandled the matter, and I was devastated. I had given thirty years to this job, only to have it ripped from under me with no warning. I spent that entire summer on my knees.

This crisis brought me closer to Jesus Christ than I had ever been before. I spent countless hours in prayer, studying scripture, and learning from Dr. Charles Stanley. My relationship and bond with our Lord and Savior are unbreakable. I treasure this hardship because of the benefit that it brought me in growing ever closer to Jesus.

Chaplain Study and Ordination at CLI

One night, as I lay across my bed in prayer, I heard clearly, “You will become a Chaplain!” Yes, that was it! That was the plan that the Lord set before me! So, I set about putting a plan into action. First, I googled schools that only offered a Chaplaincy program, and I could find nothing. Then, I stumbled upon the link for Christian Leaders Institute. They provided exactly the Chaplain study and ordination program I needed and more!

And what’s more, the classes were free! I was amazed and so very thankful to God for giving me this blessed opportunity. So, I started right away with my coursework!

I am now a Licensed Ministry Officiant, a Licensed Marriage Officiant, and a Licensed Chaplain! Soon, I hope to be an Ordained Deacon Minister and become commissioned to the Chaplaincy. I could not have done any of this without CLI!! The staff has been so helpful and accommodating, answering endless questions and helping me in many ways!! I was stunned to learn that CLI offers programs to countries and students all over the world! It is a true blessing!


Should I complete this ordination process with the Christian Leaders Alliance successfully, it will help me in so many ways. More importantly, however, it will allow me to help others in so many ways. I have started a “Blessing the Homeless” ministry, which collects donations of food and clothing to be dispersed to tent cities in and around Richmond. We have grown so large that we have branched out to helping women’s shelters.

Further, I began a prayer group at my workplace, and we have grown to eleven participants! So that is eleven children of God being impacted due to the work of Jesus Christ through CLI! Soon, I will begin as a volunteer Chaplain with our local Hospice, and I am so eager to meet my patients!

The Lord’s Work Through CLI

None of this would have been possible without our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and CLI! I have learned so much through the rigor of their coursework and the careful diligence they put into preparing their students. As a result, I feel equipped for any ministry situation that may come my way! In fact, I will be officiating at the wedding of one of my closest friends in November! It is an honor and a blessing!

The Lord’s work through CLI made all of this possible for me, and the bonus of Ordination will only enhance my credentials. I thank God daily for this awesome opportunity and covet your prayers for continued opportunities to do God’s work.

I wish you all well on your ministry journeys, and I know you will be as blessed as I am by God’s work through CLI!!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.