Calling to Ministry and Ordination

Calling to Ministry and Ordination

My name is Jason Horne. In answer to God’s new calling to ministry and ordination, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free online Bible courses, Click Here).

My Journey

I am the middle child of three siblings born in Shreveport, Louisiana, into a military family. While at college, I attended a Christian Organization called Chi Alpha and came to know Christ at the age of 21. At the time, I was studying to be an elementary teacher. Unknown to me, God was preparing me to work with children’s ministry for the next 30 years of my life. Throughout those thirty years, I found myself ministering to mainly children and children’s workers. At one point, I felt burnt out and needed a couple of years to be refreshed and reenergized. Then, I was asked to be on the deacon board of my church. God opened new doors outside of children’s ministry.

The Calling

In August of 2021, God called me into full-time ministry and away from my current occupation. He was calling me into RV ministry and started to open the doors to prepare me. My children had just moved away, and I still had four more years until retirement.

However, God had a different plan for my life. He shared with me the calling and had me prepare for 10 months before I left for my new missions field. During those 10 months, God asked me to take some major steps of faith to build me up and show me that He was opening and closing certain doors. One of the major steps of faith was to resign four years early of my retirement. Another was to sell all of my things, home, boat, and cars. I needed to prepare for life on the road. Lastly, I needed to totally trust in Him to provide the needs of the ministry, and HE IS DOING IT!!

Calling to Ministry and Ordination and Study at CLI

Ever since the new calling has come, He has prepared me for different ministries that I have never experienced. Since August of 2021, God has given me visions, divine appointments, and different giftings that I never experienced before. In the past four months, God instructed and guided me to individuals and showed me what to do with each one. I have seen several miraculous healings, deliverances, restorations, and have led dozens of individuals to the Lord.

One of the most fascinating steps of faith that God has called me to was to pursue my ordination through Christian Leaders Institute and with the Christian Leaders Alliance. The classes have been amazing and have opened my eyes to the many aspects that a pastor goes through. The desire to learn has returned from my younger years. I am finding myself listening, reading, and absorbing everything I learn from CLI and other personal Bible studies. The classes like the Licensed Minister course have been so awesome that the desire to know more and more is driving me each day.

The last four months of my life have been amazing and very exciting. I cannot wait to see what God has for me around the corner in the New Year 2022. My wife and I are well into our preparations. We are seeing lives change around us because of the calling and preparation work. We can’t imagine what it’s going to look like when we are full-time in July of 2022 and on the road sharing Christ with everyone we come into contact with.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.