Wedding officiant training and credentialing

Wedding Officiant Training and Credentialing

The Bible tells us that marriage is not defined or ordained by humankind. Further, it is a union joined by God (Matt 19:6). Therefore, the officiant performing the wedding must do two things. First, they make the day unique for the bride and groom. Then, they also share biblical, foundational truths regarding the lifelong journey the couple is beginning. That truth is taught in the wedding officiant training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible courses, Click Here) and the credentialing branch, Christian Leaders Alliance.

The officiant can not take their responsibilities lightly. Yes, the role is to focus on the couple, connecting their story to the day. Outwardly, it may appear that it’s about the flow of the ceremony, the rituals, vows, rings, etc. However, it’s really about bringing together a union that God designed long ago. To effectively do so, the officiant must be clear on this responsibility as a representative of the Lord.

Couples want the day to be special and often ask those close to them to officiate the ceremony. However, the government, which validates the marriage through its laws, has a say on who can perform and certify the process. That person must be a recognized member of the clergy. The solution for many is to get pastoral credentials through an ordination mill. That process may meet the requirements of the government, but more is needed.

Fulfilling the Wedding Officiant Ask

Wanting to fulfill the request of close friends to marry them had me searching. I searched how to accomplish that with a sense of the seriousness of the ask and legitimacy to do so. As a Christian, becoming ordained by completing an application and paying a fee did not sit well. On top of that, many of the ordination mill “churches” did not have a statement of faith that matched mine.

I came across the Christian Leaders Institute, whose mission was to provide Christian education and wedding officiant training and credentialing to officiate weddings. I enrolled and found the courses are relevant and engaging. The content is consistent with Christian teachings. Completing the training will help me better fulfill my responsibility of overseeing a God-based union between this young couple while doing so with legitimacy.

In discovering the Christian Leaders Institute, I have realized the extent of the educational courses offered by the institute. Therefore, I look forward to future classes.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.