Licensed Wedding officiant journey

Licensed Wedding Officiant Journey

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Journey

Recently, I found myself counseling couples about to be married and pouring into those newly married. My husband and I started our ministry as a way to be transparent about our own story and how the Word transformed our relationship from courting to marriage. One of the couples I provided pre-marital counseling recently asked me to officiate their wedding. So, I have embarked on a licensed Christian wedding officiant journey at CLI. It will be an honor to marry the couples we assist. It will strengthen their marriages as they learn about conflict resolution, intimacy, family matters, leaving and cleaving, and everything about marriage!

Over the years, I have thoroughly grown in my pursuit to know God at a deeper level through the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). My journey started as a desire to strengthen my ability as a Minister while training at my local church. Recently, it has propelled me forward into my purpose to offer complete services to strengthen and restore families. I do this by providing coaching services with Christian biblical foundations. It allows me to offer much more through my church and business.

Marriage Ministry and More

The fruit I have seen from my marriage as we pursued a healthy marriage and healing from our pasts helps us to share while serving others openly. We want them to get to the same place or even better in their marriages! Both my husband and I came from dysfunctional homes. We worked hard to find healing and to love each other the way Christ loves the Church! With our mindset, we share the beautiful exchange of sacrifice and what unconditional love is. We hope to help families stay together and love better!

Upon completing this study program, I desire to continue more training. Further, I want to share the continued education offered here at CLI! This free training and the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant journey benefited me. Reading others’ stories and testimonies spurs me to see how needed we are in the world to be salt and light. We can do this whether it be in our marriages or to those for whom we officiate. I’m excited to see people who still value commitment in this manner in a world that tries to tear the sanctity of marriage down!

I look forward to more work in the Kingdom through weddings and godly marriages through this equipping!

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.