Called to serve others

Called To Serve Others

Called to Serve Others

Greetings! My name is Kevin, and Christ called me to serve others. I currently reside in New York, USA. My walk with Christ has been an adventurous journey since childhood. It was a childhood with many happy memories and also many not-so-happy ones. I found out as an adult, however, how many others in the world around me also had a rocky start to life.

At 19, the pain, confusion, and struggles of being a lost teenager led me to attempt to take my life. I can only thank God for saving me and allowing me to continue. As a dedicated musician, music was my thing. I eventually embraced this as a gift from the Holy Spirit.

Saved by God’s Grace

Awakened one night by my Lord was beautiful. As I slept, a man in white visited me in a dream. He had the face of who I knew to be Jesus. Slowly, He reached out His hand, inviting me to walk with Him. As I woke, my eyes opened, and I found them filled with tears. At that moment, at my absolute weakest, I asked Jesus Christ to become Lord of my life. After that, the fear began to fade, the worry disappeared, and the pain turned to hope. As I grew over the years, so did my walk with God. I became a dedicated, serving church attender, worship leader, and staff member.

Called to Serve Others

I am taking many courses at the Christian Leaders Institute as I feel God’s call to continue ministry work. I am a licensed wedding officiant, a certified life coach, and a coaching minister. Also, I have completed the Ordained Deacon Minister program.

Helping others reach their potential through coaching with a biblical worldview is greatly needed in today’s society. As an Ordained Deacon Minister, I can serve the members of my community in many ways. I look forward to continuing my education here at CLI in specializations. I plan to use these to further my effectiveness in bringing others to Christ and supporting those in need, especially those with struggles like the ones I faced. With gratitude for the educational tools provided at CLI, I say, “Thank you! God bless!”

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.