Have you been asked to officiate a wedding and wonder if there is a training and/or Minister credentialing program that fits you. Are you interested in becoming a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant?

Are you in ministry at a local church and need wedding officiant credentials?

The Christian Leaders Alliance has helped thousands of Christian leaders access the training and/or clergy recognition they need to officiate weddings.

Program Role Features 

  1. High-Quality Christian Wedding Officiant training that is tuition-free supplied by Christian Leaders Institute. Click here to view wedding officiant course
  2. Complete the entire program in less than ten hours. This is the first minister credential offered through Christian Leaders Alliance. For some of you this one credential will peak your interest for more minister roles.
  3. After you complete this program, you are eligible to register a soul center.
  4. This is not an “online only” or instant licensing/ordination. If you join this program, you have training with quizzes and assignments. You must submit a local endorsement. You will join other ministers who are assuming ministry roles. You have opportunity to register your wedding officiant practice if you choose to create a ministryBiz.

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or desktop with internet connections. This platform is a donation-supported program of Christian Leaders. You have no obligation to give.

You will need to enroll at Christian Leaders Institute where you will set up a free study account and automatically get enrolled in a getting started class which takes less than two hours to complete. Hundreds of thousands of people from about 200 nations have enrolled to study these courses.

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Role Requirements

The Licensed Christian Wedding officiant will help you soar as a wedding officiant. You will gain skills and confidence as you complete the required activities.

Ministry Training

Christian Wedding Officiant Skills Course (1 credit) Click Here to View Course

Minister Recognition and Credibility

The Christian Leaders Alliance oversees a process in which you complete the academic requirements and submit one character recommendation. This process is confidential.

Clergy Recognition Packages

The entire program is free and you will registered in the Christian Leaders Alliance Minister Directory. We offer License Wedding Officiant packages at low cost. Click here to find out more.

Christian Wedding Licensed Minister Endorsements:

I was asked to officiate a wedding for a couple in our church. I wanted to be licensed by a reputable Christian organization to make it special for them.

Hello, I’m Diane Jones, a small-town girl who now resides in the suburbs of Richmond, VA. My educational background is Finance/Accounting, but Human Resources has been my focus in more recent years. I started at CLI in August of 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic’s isolation forced me to do some soul searching, which included answering my call into the Christian Ministry.

I’m a hopeless romantic by nature. God created us to love and be loved. As a member of my church’s wedding services ministry, I’ve had the pleasure to assist couples with their understanding of marriage. I also got to participate in their nuptials. Through the exposure, God gave me the vision of His plan for me.

I don’t take my service for Him lightly. Therefore, pursuing more official training as a Wedding Officiant had to be my next assignment. I decided on the Christian Leaders Institute based on its positive reputation, free/low-cost tuition, and self-paced learning. The coursework has given me greater knowledge and confidence to guide others in the Biblical principles of marriage.

Becoming a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant at the Christian Leaders Alliance is a great blessing!

I prayed and asked God to give me a wedding officiant class. Instead, He gave me more. He brought me to this Institute that His hands are all over. The pastors and trainers are humble and take their time to bring

training to those that seek it. Although I joined to become a wedding officiant, I am staying to take as many courses as possible. Then I can learn as much as I can to be prepared to do whatever God has called me to do. I am learning my purpose and trusting God because He knows best. Thank you Christian Leaders Alliance!

Read her full story, click here.

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My name is Carol Jones, and I am grateful to be a part of the Christian Leaders community! I am eager to serve as a Christian Wedding Officiant now that I am licensed. The Holy Spirit has placed a burden on my heart to serve and encourage…
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