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To provide pastoral care, as a "Chaplain", to those outside the Church and by ultimately starting a "Christian Faith Mentoring and Counseling" center as a practical hub to even evangelize the unchurched in Kenya.

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Boaz Adhengo is a passionate educator, inspirational speaker and a certified Transformational Life Coach. Adhengo helps his clients design and manifest lives that are in harmony with their highest purpose and inner longings. 

For over 15 years, Adhengo has worked with the creative arts sector, helping individuals and groups identify and build their dreams, accelerate results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.  At Christian Leaders College, he has attained both a Diploma of Divinity and Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree which drives his passion to fulfill God's calling in his life as a clergy.

As a professional speaker, author, minister and coach; Adhengo embodies a Christ centred life and a deep compassion for people. He is fond of calling it, EVANGELIVING and possesses the skill-set to help his clients navigate life challenges as he inspires positive, effective, long-lasting change. 

Adhengo works with professional goal-oriented people who need encouragement to master God's calling in their lives, to discover the purpose of God in themselves; he works with individuals who are facing transition in their relationships, family status, career or health; and with groups who hold a common interest, such as not-for-profit boards or business units. He has hitherto founded the Associated House Churches of Adhengo Boaz Ministries.

Boaz is experienced in mentorship, coaching, pastoral work and healing ministry. Having received breakthrough in revlation of his own purpose while a student at Christian Leaders College, Adhengo brings an impartation of faith with a passion to see the treasure in everyone revealed; thus helping them become all they are meant to be, to know their purpose. His most recent book that is storming the continental waves has the title “COACHING SKILLS: A Beginners Guide”; and he will use this book to help develop leaders who are stewards. 

Adhengo loves travelling and countryside walks, alongside learning percussion music; currently he practices with guitar. 

Feel activated to contact him in your walk with God, to discuss even ways of starting House Churches or even towards the growing dream of having a mentorship centre established in Buruburu, Nairobi.

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