Christian Onyiagha

Christian Onyiagha
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To raise up anointed and well train Christian Leaders for Africa!

Ministry Journey

Christian Onyiagha is the pastor at Divine Gospel Church. He was born into a Christian home, but he was not involved with the work of the ministry until 2007. He was a Christian, but He lacked the POWER of Christianity [Holy Spirit].

In March 2007, He attended a Crusade. It was at this meeting that He received the Holy Spirit. That experience turned Him into an anointed Christian Leader.

He became aware that he needed training in the Word of God. He began studies in 2013. He began his studies. He now has over 140 credits of study complete. He has been ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance. He is willing to help spread ministry training with ordination as possibilities in other places beyond Nigeria.

Contact him if you need a mentor for study or ordination.



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