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Commissioned Minister

Jayme Chick
Address: 95831
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Jamyme is passionate about teaching and mentoring others into a vital walk with God. She is also willing to encourage newly Called Christain Leaders to take their next step in ministry.

Ministry Journey:

Jayme became a Christian many years ago while sitting in the quad at my high school. A friend walked over to her, showed her the tract called the “Four Spiritual Laws” and asked her if she knew Christ. It was there that she believed in Christ. Shortly after that, her parents became Christians and her entire family made a decision to follow Christ. Her father is now an ordained pastor and her mother went to Bible College; later becoming a hospital chaplain.

Jayme has served in many ministries over the last 20 plus years, including blogging, children’s, hospitality, teaching, speaking, small groups, evangelism, and prayer. She is currently a leader in a growing women’s ministry which has many facets including seminars and outreach. Her group is a marketplace group and is dedicated to sharing Christ with women and helping them find wholeness in Him. They have a burden for the underserved; especially women and children. She is passionate about seeing women come out from the bondage of substance abuse, domestic abuse, and self-abuse. She seeks to lead those set free into a life with Christ.

Jamye is ordained as a Commissioned Minister at Christian Leaders Institue. She is willing to encourage others who have been called into ministry. She desires to be a local resource to spread revival to her community.

After being a single mother for a time, she has been happily married to a Godly man for a long time now. Not only does she have four children, but also at least one grandchild.

She has completed over 40 credit hours of ministry training and has been promoting Christian Leaders Institute to others.

John Hall
Address: 56283
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

As John looks around he realizes that we are in desperate need of another revival period. He is open to whatever God has for him.

Ministry Journey:

CLI training has opened doors for John to serve in ways He did not think possible. He have been involved in a small church in a town near where He lives. This church was going to close it’s doors last fall when a group of churches stepped in to provide ministerial and financial support. He has been able to preach there on a monthly basis for several months, have gotten to know several new bothers and sisters in Christ. It is not completely evident what God has planned for that small church, but His timing is perfect.

John was not alway close to God. He had put God on the back burner, and when he needed help, he cried out to Him. About a decade years ago, his first wife passed away. He spent many years mad at God and drinking excessively.

His son pulled him out of the mire and re-introduced me to God. Since that time, John has rededicated his life to Him, and realize now that He is the reason He is here and can do nothing but live His life for God.

Since that time, God has blessed John with a new church family and especially a beautiful new wife. John married Barb in the summer of 2015. She is a true gift from God. Barb has walked with John every step of the way.

John is a commissioned minister at Christian Leaders Alliance and is willing to encourage others to follow God’s calling.

George Acevedo Jr.
Address: 06710
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

George has a passion to bring the good news of salvation, and proclaiming the day of the Lord that is to come. He is starting an internet program to proclaim Christ to even more people

Ministry Journey:

George came to know the Lord at the age of 8 with his mother during a Nicky Cruz rally in Ponce, PR back in 1974. Nicky and his father had been friends in their youth. After listening to his testimony, George felt the Lord touching his heart and he asked him to touch my mother’s heart so they could both be saved.

In the course of time, God has brought George back from a severe illness that had him basically on a hospital death bed due to complications of diabetes. He wasn’t following Him. He hadn’t answer his calling. He was running from everything he knew was right. His mother was praying for George. She had the church praying for him too. George got on his knees and prayed too. He asked the Lord to forgive my sins, to restore him. After that the doctor found how to treat him.

George was launched to a new living relationship and calling.George has completed more of the courses at Christian Leaders Institute. He is considering more studies and he is on fire to reach the lost. He is also willing to mentor others on a ministry path.

Richard Donavon Jacobs
Address: 36830
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Affectionately known as “Rev. Donnie”, Rev. Jacobs ministry Dream and Goal is fashioned around his call to proclaim the life changing Power of Jesus the Christ in practical means seen in everyday life. He also desires to provide opportunities for the needs of his “neighbors” to be met.

Ministry Journey:

Richard Donavon Jacobs is originally from Munford, Alabama (U.S.A.) in Talladega County, but currently resides in Auburn, Alabama (U.S.A) He had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home and accept the Lord early in life.

He began studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. He completed many credential levels by 2016, including being ordained as a commissioned minister. He was also ordained locally in his local chruch in their ordination system.

As of January 2016, Rev. Jacobs became the Interim Pastor of the New Popular Springs Missionary Baptist Church (Dadeville, AL). In May 2016, Rev. Richard D. Jacobs was elected as Pastor, succeeding Senior Pastor.

Rev. Jacobs is willing to mentor Christian leaders seeking to serve God in ministry. He is also willing to open up his church to be a mentor center.

Bernardo Caballero
Address: 40242
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Bernardo’s dream is to reach others for Christ. He desires to bring revival to his community.

Ministry Journey:

Bernardo D. Caballero was born in 1968 on Colon, Matanzas, Cuba. He did not come from a Christian family. His parents, however never denied the existence of God. He grew up having faith in supernatural beings, and the wrong ones at that. Their family believed in the syncretism of African religion and Catholic influence which started with the slave trade during the Spanish colonization.

From childhood He was involved in rituals and the offering to unknown deities, mainly out of fear. He never felt peace or truth in that! In communist countries governments forbid the worship of Almighty God. He grew under the atheistic philosophies Karl Marx, Frederick Engel and Vladimir Lenin. He was taught that materialism was the only true.

Bernardo I escape Cuba on 1994 in a raft, was capture in Key West coast and was sent to Guantanamo Bay refugee camp, in Cuba. He spent almost a year at the camp. In July of 1995 He was sent to the continental United States.

In his first years, Bernardo pursued the American Dream, but not God. But he was saved into a relationship with Jesus Christ in 2005. Then he was called into ministry.

Bernardo has been encouraged over the years by many Christian leaders to study and pursue the pastoral ministry. He had been hesitant knowing the responsibility and demand that God places on those who teach and lead. For many years, economics and family accountability have been his main reason for not pursuing a ministerial vocation. He and his wife have three children. He saw no possibility of being able to go to a seminary and prepare. The Lord opened the door for Christian Leaders Institute.

Bernardo has completed the courses to now be ordained as a commissioned minister. He is senior pastor of his church and is willing to help other become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Maxo Jean-Jacques
Address: 33319
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To serve Immigrants of Haiti to help them connect to the Lord and their communities as they live in Florida.

Ministry Journey:

Maxo Jean-Jacques was born in Haiti in 1969. He was raised mostly by his mother because his father left Haiti in 1980 and came to United States. Maxo came to the USA as well in the 1980s. Maxo encountered Jesus as my Lord and Savior at 11 years old in 1983. Maxo met and married Elmitha Pierre in 1999 and have two beautiful children, one girl and one boy.

Maxo graduated from Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) in 2007 with a BS in Accounting, and with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters of Accounting in 2010.

More than 80% of Haitians people do not known the real God, they believe in Voodoo. Christian Leaders Institute has been a big help in bringing Maxo ministry training and becomeing ordained as Commission Minister.  Maxo Jean-Jacques serve in ministry to the Haitian people. Maxo is called to raise up leaders to reach the Haitian people. He is called teach and train other Haitians with the Bible knowledge. He is also help to organize other Haitian Christian Leaderes.

Maxo Jean-Jacques is willing to mentor Haitian or non-Haitian leaders in their studies at Christian Leaders Institute. He will also help in the ordaining more more leaders in the South Florida area.

April Standfield
Address: 21783
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To raise up a new generation of Christian Leaders through youth ministry and music

Ministry Journey:

April Standfield is the pastor at God’s Love Ministries Church. April has worked as a nurse and has a passson for helping people. April Competed minister training at Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. She was ordained as a Commissioned Minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

April has a passion for seeing souls saved through Jesus Christ. She has a history of winning souls through evangelism, helping in Ministry, and assisting in ways that God speaks to her heart on how to help.

April has planted God’s Love Church. The focus of this church is bringing people to Christ and working for young families.

Robert Fieldhouse
Address: 32084
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

His ministry dream is to serve others while he continues to grow in the knowledge and grace of Christ Jesus.

Ministry Journey:

Dr. Robert Fieldhouse is a Pastor born in Miami, Florida to an upper-middle-class family. He was the last born of three. His father did not practice any faith and his mother had a living relationship with God.
Robert came of age in the 1960s and served in the United States Marine Corps. His relationship with God was off and on again. He received an injury and was released from the Marines. For the next many years that followed Robert struggled to overcome pain and hurt. He was searching for God. God found him in his great search. Read the full story.
Robert found Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. Though he struggles with physical disabilities, he has completed over 50 credit hours of training and he has been ordained as a Commission minister.
He has started a church and he serves in various ways in his community. He welcomes new CLI students to contact him for encouragement, mentorship or ordination assistance.

David Hill
Address: BD13 4NG
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

David Hill Evangelical Pastor in a resistant area for the gospel. He preaches the word and I try to guide those deceived by satan.

Ministry Journey:

David was raised in a small mining village where his parents divorced when he was 8 years old. As a regular attendee at church, he became a Christian.

David was moved into local authority care at the age of 14 after suffering from child abuse, something which the Lord guided him to overcome.

However, He lapsed many times, drinking and taking drugs at 17/18 and even a couple of attempted suicides at 19. Through these times, David turned from God, but God neve left him.

As David grew older, his relationship with the Lord has grown stronger. He is married to Julie who supports him. He has a passion to reach those stuck in cults, dead Christianity, and non-christians.

David started Christian Leaders Institute in 2013 and has has received his Bachelor of Divinity Degree. He is willing to mentor Christian Leaders students and graduates and help them through the ordination process.

Shane Bryant
Address: 3370
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Shane seeks to raise up revival leaders to complete their preparation for ministry in the region where he lives. He is passionate about mentoring future Christian Leaders.

Ministry Journey:

Shane Bryant is happily married to the love of his life; Jillian Bryant – his support and ministering partner. He has two wonderful sons – Judah and Christian – who are very supportive of the ministry. Shane lives in a smallish town called Ladysmith, in the Midlands of the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Shane joined Christian Leaders Institute in 2015 and has enjoyed the training. He completed his Bachelors of Divinity degree and pastors Christian Leaders Church, a church that he planted in Ladysmith. Shane is interested in creating a local center of mentoring and helping others to plant churches. He is willing and ready for Christian Leaders Institute students to be encouraged in their studies. Shane will also assist in ordination matters.