Douglas Mazimba

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Douglas Mazimba
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Douglas Mazimba. is 39 years old and a father and husband of three wonderful children whose names are Grace, Benjamin and Gauis His family lives in the rural part of Zambia in the Copperbelt.

Douglas gave his life to the Lord in 1993 after a lengthy battle with sin during the time when he thought within himself he had the power to stop sin. However, one Sunday morning, his friend invited Douglas to their church in an urban area. The Pastor was an old evangelist with an interpreter. When he stood to preach, it was like he was reading from what was written about Douglas's behavior. At the moment, Douglas thought maybe the ushers or some ladies have communicated to the Pastor concerning his life. He ended the message with the urgency to turn to the lord and ask for forgiveness. Without hesitation, Douglas ran to the front and asked Jesus to forgive him and to wash Douglas in his blood. Douglas had never experienced a message like that before.

Afterward, Douglas joined the church. The Pastor came and hugged him and whispered in his ear “ Jesus loves you, so do I”.  Douglas was wearing a shirt written “real savage”, and had spent the previous night selling drugs (cigarettes and alcohol).  He was producing a bad odor from the drugs but the pastor hugged him regardless and his nice perfume remained on Douglas's clothes.


Since then Douglas has started CLI in 2016 and completed 52 credit hours and is ordained as a commissioned minister. Douglas is now a pastor of a house church plant in his country.



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