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To raise up Christian Leaders in Rwanda to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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My name is Ananias Karamuka from born Rwanda in 1988, I am the third born of 4 children. My parents were of Christian faith and made me baptized young but before I knew good or bad they all passed away; Father in 1992 and Mother in 1994. After they have gone, I was tested in various ways but God remained always on my side. Temptations came while young but the Spirit of God helped me to pass through them as a warrior through Jesus whom I didn't know much about Him.

When I went for secondary school, God helped me to mobilize other students to start a Christian choir at our school and I was their leader from there and even in university, I was a church leader. I did my studies and graduated in 2014 from Veterinary Medicine at the University of Rwanda. During my studying journey, I was a school church leader wherever being in secondary and university levels. After my graduation, I was nominated to help our home parish pastor at a certain local church as a leader. Today I am an Anglican church's ordained pastor. I was ordained on 17th December 2017 as a Deacon minister with Christian Leaders Alliance and on 16/12/2018 as senior pastor


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B.P.2540 KIGALI Rwanda


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