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Deacon Ministers

Jay Breland
BELLFLOWER, California 90706
Jay’s calling is love and invite the lonely, broken, weak, outcast and forgotten to experience the freedom of God’s amazing grace.

Jay is called to serve under his pastor to reach his community. His willing and servant’s heart is modeled in his ministry.

Breland was born the youngest of 7 in Los Angles, CA in 1975. His parents were married twice, before getting divorced after his own birth. He was raised by his grandmother in Compton, CA

From my early age, Jay realized that God had his hand on him. His grandmother was a Christ-like example that impacted his life as she demonstrated, love compassion, Grace, and wisdom for me. By the age of 12, He sensed the call to ministry.

All was not perfect, however, in his youth. He was armed robbed by gunpoint and or knifepoint at least 5 times yet God intervened each and every single time.

He also developed a pornography habit, that eventually destroyed his own marriage. At age 36, he was divorced and had hit rock bottom.

Jay wrote, “I remember I felt like a failure because my behavior was an embarrassment to God during my marriage. “After the pity party, God once again spoke and said: ‘therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus’.”

Years later and with God’s restoring presence, Jay is now in his early 40s and walking with God. He has been tested and now serving under his local pastor.

He is willing to mentor others who are on the path of ministry.

562 502 7202
Roy Lucas
Grafton, Massachusetts 01519
Roy’s dream is to minister to his community and to maximize his gifts for ministry. God laid on his heart this scripture from Micah 6:8, “He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Roy was born the seventh of eight children in Wilson County North Carolina and was raised by a single parent (mother) who shared her faith in God with him and my five surviving siblings. His mother would share her Christian belief with all of her children in a non-threating way regardless of her living conditions, whether on top of the mountain or down in the valley she maintained consistency in her faith-walk.

Roy’s walk with God has faced many challenges. Though the grace of God he is now a parent of a college-age son. Roy was divorced many years ago, but through the grace of God, he has maintained a gracefilled relationship with the ex wife. They maintain a strong friendship/co-parenting partnership in raising their son.

Roy is employed as a youth and young adult specialist/coordinator. He assists young people with best practices regarding employment and educational pathway opportunities to enhance their personal and professional development.

Roy has been ordained as a deacon minister and serves under Rev. Walter Lucas at Faith Tabernacle Church as Associate Pastor in Worcester, Mass. Roy also serves on the board of directors of Christian Leaders Institute.

Dale Mcghee
Juneau, Alaska
He desires to bring showers of blessing to everone he comes in contact with.

Dale’s wife was very sick. After spending much of their income, Dale was angry with God. Dale recalls how the Holy Spirit told him to read Proverbs. When he did, he came upon Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

The Lord healed his wife. Now Dale is an ambassador of healing in his community.

Dale started Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He see this ministry training as a key for his Christian leadership. Dale is ordained as a deacon minister and is willing to mentor other leaders in his area.

Dale Mcghee Profile
Matt Winey
1163 School Street
Craig, Colorado 81625
Matt’s ministry dream is just to do whatever the Lord would have do and to help raise up more Christian Leaders

Matt is a retired “coal miner” His family life was off and on with God growing up. After reading the new testiment at age 32, Matt became a believer and was born again.

Matt grew in his faith and still had struggles with some addictions. God led him to Celebrate Recover for his own restoration. Now He gives encouragement and leadership with that group.

He and his wife are now taking care of an aging parent, but are will to encourage Christian Leaders on their ordination path.

Matt Winey Profile
Jim Ausfahl
Peoria Heights, Illinois 61616
Jim seeks to bring physical and spiritual healing in Christ to his local community and the world. He is passionate about raising up Christian Leaders

Jim grew up in a home that was outwardly religious but with little other than an outward religion, though his maternal grandparents had a living faith. As a child, his parents were transferred to the British Isles, and at a Saturday outreach event, he was born again. At college, Jim was involved with IVCF which strengthened his faith. Returning to the Peoria area, he sat under the ministry of Dr. Bruce Dunn, which strengthened his faith.

Jim is not just an ordinary doctor. He is also passionate about the matters of the soul. For instance, he authored the book, The Brightstar Epistles, which is the mirror image of C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, an experienced angel guiding another angel ministering to and overseeing a church on Earth.

At 65, Jim has no plans to retire at as a physician or no plans to slow down in his ministry dream.

Jim is willing to assist Christian Leaders Institute graduates to take their next step in ministry. He is willing to help those called to become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Jim Ausfahl Profile
Yvena Clerge
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Yvena is passionate about encouraging others in their calling for ministry. She loves serving the local church. Someday she hopes that she can work fulltime in ministry, through travel, music or speaking.

Yvena was called into the ministry when she was 17 years old. She actually married a son of a minister. She is a musician who plays keyboard, drums, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. In the late, 1990s. Yvena found her way to the United states from Haiti. In Florida, she had many hopes and dreams. She bore two children.

In 2016, her husband abandoned the family. This evetually led to a divorce in 2017.

God used this whole situation to put a fire in her heart for God and to do ministry. She started Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. Her local church officials encouraged her to pursue deacon minister ordination.

Forgiving her husband was not easy, but by God’s grace, God has launched her into new opportunities to glorify God with her life. She hopes to homeschool her children someday.

Yvena is willing to encourage other women who are called into ministry.

Yvena Clege Profile
Claudia Niemann
Claudia is called to be an evangelist and teacher.

Dr. Claudia Niemann is over 60 years old and from Germany. Claudia has been married almost two decades to Djamel who is from Algiers. She has worked as a chemist and food scientist. She play the organ in her parents church.

Claudia parents were pastors in a small town in former East Germany. As she grew up in Eastern German in those days, she learned the importance of staying close to the Lord. Her brother played in a praise band and his influence encouraged my calling to the ministry.

In 2005, while pursuing her accedemic studies the Lord called her to ministry in a vision. Since that time Claudia has pursued ministry training and has served as a minister.

She as been ordained as a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance and is willing to mentor others in Algiers who are called into the minister.

Cathy Byrd
Panama City, Florida 32404
Help women in crisis learn how to thrive in Christ. She is an encourager!

Cathy Byrd has been married for over 45 years to William H. Byrd (Bill). She was raised in a small agricultural community in southwest Georgia. Cathy and Bill have 2 children, Billy and Charlotte, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Bill and Cathy moved to Panama City, Florida in 1994 when Charlotte left for college. Bill worked in broadcasting management. Cathy worked in pharmaceutical sales. Their children are married and They have 5 grandchildren from ages 20 to 12.

At age 38, the Lord took her compartmentalize faith and brought her to an authentic walk with God. This changed everything. This authentic walk became a calling to leave sales and pursue counseling. Soon that included ministry.

She began Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and has been ordained as a Deacon Minister. She is a certified counselor and she leads a ministry for women in crisis. She is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students and help them get ordained.

Ministry Website
Dan Lim (Lim Beng Hui)
Dan Lim is passionate about reaching others for Christ. Dan seeks to communicate the gospel to those in Singapore.

Dan Lim heard about Jesus and His love through Youth for Christ in school. He came to know the Lord in 1986. Since then, He is committed to serve the Lord, as He considers it a great privilege. His walk with God and the burden for those who have yet to know our Lord Jesus Christ have kept him going all these years.

He has never received any certified training over the years until he entered Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. Since that time, he has accomplished over 40 credit hours of advanced ministry training.

Dan and his wife are involved in street ministries and prison ministries. They are willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute graduates to take their next steps in ministry. They will help those called into ministry in their journey into ordination.

Dan Lim CLI Profile
65 90406467
Kate Batten
BRIDLINGTON , East Riding of Yorkshire YO16 7QP
YO16 7QP
Kate spiritual dream is to help those that the world forgets about, the people who are lost in a vicious circle of offending crimes and those who have suffered from abuse.

Kate could have easily been crushed by her childhood. At the age of two, her parents divorced. Her mother married poorly twice in her childhood. She was a victim of sexual abuse and had little respect for herself. She entered into destructive relationships that would lead to her drinking and taking drugs to blot out her reality and escape the pain and shame she was feeling from the past childhood experiences. By age 19, she was a single mom with two children.

God showed up in her life as she began to help domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims and people with a whole host of fears from writing their own books to rising their self-awareness.

After having so many success stories, Kate invited people to share their stories in a published book and launched it out to the world. The book became a #1 international bestseller and 17 more books followed by co-authoring and solo authoring my her own books.

In 2017, Kate found Christian Leaders Institute and began classes. She has been ordained as a deacon minister. She is called to mentor others on a ministry path.

Kate Batten Website