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Hi, my name is Hercules van Wyk and I live in South Africa. I am married to a beautiful wife, and have two children. They are one of the greatest blessings of my life. Currently I’m serving the Lord in our congregation as supervisor and teacher of the children’s Sunday school and I serve on the church board. South Africa is a beautiful country that has been blessed beyond measure. The majority of the people in South Africa will profess to be Christian. The sad truth is that it is mostly lip serves.

The sad truth is that the same was true about myself. I grew up in a semi-religious home, but the message of God's Grace did not touch my heart. When my family turned anew to the Lord, I was a rebellious teenager and went with the motions just to please everyone. Sure, enough soon even that stopped and I left the church. I then came out openly against the Lord and His church. I also started to rebel against my culture and language. During this time, I started to follow a witch craft cult and believed that all roads lead to the same god.

Mercifully the Lord had a plan with me. At the age of 28 years He finally stepped into my live. He showed me the true meaning of love and grace. His love and Grace! Praise the Lord, I listened and believed! Since then life was not always easy but with His guidance I have endured.

Since that time (2003) I have served the Lord in many different congregations. It became clear that He called me to work and guide the youth of the church. I started to do just that, haltingly and with many mistakes along the way. But where I fell short the Lord endured. Giving me the sweet knowledge that in a small way I have lived up the Lord's mission for me.

Along the way it became clear that I need more training to pursue my mission. The Lord once again stepped in and provided that, training in the form of Evangelism Explosion 3 (EEIII). This training enabled me to share the Gospel with people easily and logically. I have completed the courses for both adults and children and teenagers. This proved to be a blessing in many ways. However, this only increased my thirst for more knowledge.

I then started doing research to find courses for theological training. There are many available. But I was held back by either the financial cost involved or the fact that it isn’t provided on a distance learning basis. Both of which was important to me. So, I gave up. A year or two elapsed, and I decided to try again.  This time I struck gold. I’ve discovered Christian Leaders Institute. Finally, I have a place who can provide me with quality training.

Having received a scholarship and started studying at Christian Leaders Institute (link) has proven to be a blessing. Not only has my scriptural knowledge increased, but I have learned so much about serving a congregation and how to respond to different situations and questions. Along the way I also learned how blogging can be a powerful outreach tool. I have started my own blog, where I have posted a post or two. Going forward I hope to continue this new endeavour. If you would like to read my blogs you can find it here (link).

Currently it is May 2019. I have completed many courses at CLI. In fact, I have earned the Associate degree of Divinity and the Bachelors degree of divinity is in its final stages. Because of what I already learned; I’m starting to think what next. That is why I’m so excited about the accreditation process taking place. This accreditation open so many new possibilities for all CLI students.

At CLI I have been exposed to many facets of ministry. CLI has well rounded courses that is available for study. Since I’ve started at CLI in 2015 the courses have added up for me. In what feels like a very short time I have come to the point where I’m able to perform the duties of a minister. This realisation meant that I had to spend time considering my calling and what is my ministry dreams.  This is an ongoing process, I know, but right now I’ve got to make a few crucial decisions.

In South Africa, my country, most main stream churches are very conservative and unlikely to change in any time soon. Church planting as CLI is teaching, is almost unheard of and even frowned upon by many. Unfortunately, there is some just ground for scepticism.  All this means that I may be limited in ministry opportunities. My own denomination, I fear will not accept any credentials from CLI. However, this means that I’m also not bound by tradition. The Lord has led me into interpersonal ministry. Whereby I’m strive to be an encourager for people. The interesting thing is that once the person’s crises is over, the next person in needs is already waiting for me to fall in step with them. In this manner I believe I am living out my commission to comfort and help the needy. In the beginning of 2020 CLI launched a volunteer program. It immediately clicked for me. It was the opportunity that I didn’t know I was waiting for. By serving as a volunteer at CLI, I’m growing as a person; helping other on their way to their ministry dream and making a difference on a global scale. What more can one ask for? I don’t know. Working and studying at CLI has shown me exactly how wonderful beyond word it is.

 At the same time, I’ve been blessed to see the need my hometown for a church plant. Should it happen there will be great opposition. This is the exact place where my ordination as an Associate Minister will come into play. The accreditation and support from CLI and the ordination will show to sceptics that I’m sincere, and not a charlatan wanting to deceive people.

The associate Minister ordination is something that will have lasting impact on my ministry. It has already started and can only grow in effect. Thank you CLI for your support and believe in High quality training.


Praise the Lord, for He makes it possible for us.

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