Natalya Snitko

Natalya Snitko
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To bring revival to the great Seatle area! Encourage Christian Women to thrive in their walk with God. Raise up more Christian Leaders.

Ministry Journey

Natalya Snitko (Natekin) is a member of a fast-growing church in greater Seattle area City on a Hill Northshore. She is a leader of small home-group for ladies. Sheis married Andrey Natekin and they have five children.

Natalya was born in Kazakhstan in early 1980's Natalya is the oldest child of seven kids. All her brothers and sisters are Christians. her grandparents were saved when they were in their early 20th which makes her a third generation Christian. In her late 20's she had a fallout with God but has been renewed again by the Grace of God. Praise God!

Natalya was called to ministry came in my early thirty's. She is called women's ministry.

He and her husband own a business together where he is a builder and she a realtor.

Natalya started taking classes at Christian Leaders Institute. She was ordained in 2018. She is willing to encourage others on their ministry journey. She especially desires to encourage women in ministry.

ZIP Code
North America


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