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My name is Brittany Nidds. I live in South Carolina.  I have two sisters, and a dog. I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy. I've had it since birth. I've gone through many hardships in life including my mother passing away at age seven. After the passing, I went to go live with another family member. Over the years he emotionally abused me and controlled my every move I made. By the grace of God, I was able to get out of that situation after 15 years. Since then, I've moved in with my father. We get along very well, but unfortunately, I'm the only Christian in my family.

Since getting out of my abusive situation, I've volunteered for a few hotlines, such as the Crisis Text Line, and a phone line called NeedHim. I felt like God was calling me to help others since I know what it's like to be in a crisis situation. I've also written a devotional, and a brief story of my life under a pen name and put it on Amazon.

I don't remember the exact day I came to know the Lord. All I remember is that I was very young. I remember praying to Jesus after the passing of my mother. I really don't know if she was a Christian, only God knows.

I truly believe that it's by the Grace of God that I am a Christian today. I've been to church on and off throughout my life, but the only thing that held me through everything was my Savior! It would have been easy to give up all hope, but I cried to Him every day, and still do at times.

I was told that I could never go to college or do anything. Once again, my God came through. I came here to CLI because I didn't have the money and felt like there was hope after all. Since I love helping others so much I am in the process of becoming a Life Coach through CLI.  Having this ordination as a minister will help me serve others in need and help them grow in the Lord, because I myself have grown in the Lord.

I just started a life group through my church and I feel like my knowledge will grow even more. I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use me as I grow in my roles and in everything I do for Him. CLI has given me my hope and freedom back into letting me be all who God has called me to be. Please be praying that I will be used by Him, and that I will always listen to His voice.


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