Stephanie Lemmons

Stephanie Lemmons
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Raising up revival leaders!

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Stephanie Lemmons lives in Fulton Mississippi and is married to James Lemmons SR. Stephanie believes that they have been placed together to be partners in ministry. Stephanie and her husband have been married 12 years and have two beautiful children together.

Stephanie asked Jesus into her life when she was seven years old and from then on has seen the calling on her life through different spiritual gifts. Stephanie was prophesied over and was told she was called to preach the gospel. When her sister died of cancer, Stephanie was devastated and became angry at God. She prayed that her sister would be healed but instead of healing , she passed away. But, God got her attention that it was not my place to lean on my own understanding but to trust him. She turned back to God and asked to forgive her and let me come back like the prodigal son. Stephanie has been living for God since he removed all the anger out her heart and forgave me. She love’s God and praise him daily for her blessings and her trials that he has brought her thru. Stephanie believes that is why she is the strong faith filled woman she is today.

Stephanie enrolled at CLI in 2017 and since then has completed 11 credit hours and has a 3.8 GPA! She plans to use my training from the Christian leader’s institute to start a country church where she lives.  The training that Stephanie receives thru Christian leader institute will give her the knowledge and training that she need to accomplish the start of the church and be able to maintain it the way it should be run thru ministry and staff. My ministry training that she would receive will keep me on the path that she needs to follow to make it a successful ministry for the glory of God not for my own glory. Thru the lessons, Stephanie believes she can become a leader and to fulfill her calling that God has on my life to lead others to follow Jesus and gain salvation thru Jesus.

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