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Officiant Minister

Michael and Michelle Menees
Address: 16001
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Michael and Michelle Meness have a passion to plant a church in the Bulter, PA area. They are passionate about raising up other Christian Leaders. They are open to starting a mentor center in their area.

Ministry Journey:

Twenty-three years Michael began to walk with the Lord. He finally surrendered and invited Him into his life to help him overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He was a lost soul searching for meaning in his life and Jesus Christ step in and has given him purpose. Twenty-Five years ago, Michelle was also delivered from achohol adiction.

Michael and Michelle have been called to minister to their community. Both have extensive training at Christian Leaders Institute. Both have been ordained as Deacon Ministers. In addition attaining the roles of Officiant Minister for Michael and Women’s Minister for Michelle.

Michael and Michael have three sons. They welcome other CLI students and graduates to connect.

Sugar B. Wright
Address: 11433
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Help people launch into a living relationshp with Jesus Christ. Sugar B. Has a internet radio program where she seeks to help young people.

Ministry Journey:

Sugar B. was born October, 1958. Her parents being of different denominations (Catholic and Baptist), raised her brother and her in the Catholic Faith. When she turned 16 years old she went from the Catholic Faith to become a Baptist. She enjoyed the singing in baptist church and the preacher giving the sermon. As time went she was baptized. She started feeling the need to do more with her life and to find out more about God and His Son Jesus Christ.

She became a New York, NY police officer. She lost her connect to church until 2009 when the Lord used her son and some God-inspired circumstance to prompt her. After being baptized in December, the calling for ministry developed in Sugar B.

She began studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and has excelled in her studies. He continues to do an internet radio show called Sunday Fellowship Praise. People can assess the “Wright Ways Radio” app onto their devices phone, IPad, tablets and computer….

She is willing to mentor or assist others in the New York, NY area in pursuing their ministry dream which may or may not include ordination.

Jan Iorio
Address: 06708
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To bring the irresistable light of Christ to my community, including the building of a house chruch, if the Lord wills.

Ministry Journey:

Jan learned about the love of Christ from her parents. Through out her life, she has known God. She has faced challenges such as a divorce that ended a 28 year marriage. She has faced the caring for elderly parents. She completed her Master Degree program and she is teaching at an inner city school.

Though out these experiences, God has been calling her to ministry. She is close to completing her bachelor degree at Christian Leaders Institute and she has a passion to serve the Lord by planting a house church. She will be a great resource for a Christian Leaders Institute graduate seeking ordination through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Julie Tucker
Address: 37122
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Share the Love of Christ ministering to couples by officianting at their weddings.

Ministry Journey:

Julie Tucker is a wedding officiant. In fact, Many couple have their wedding ceremony at her home in the country.

Julie has had to wear many hats and have many titles in the corporate world for 33 years. In 2015, she left the corporate world and started, “Weddings with Julie” She loves being part of the Bride & Groom’s Wedding Day.

Julie married her best friend, James Ray Tucker, on her 30th Birthday and from that very moment we have been involved in ministry. Julie and her husband have been youth leaders, out-reach pastors, and even operating The SonShine Bus ministry for many years.

Julie is thankful for the opportunity to study from home! She is eager to learn more and so thankful to have found CLI. She live in a big city in the Bible Belt where you think everyone goes to church and loves the Lord. But day after day, she meet more folks that don’t have a church home, they don’t have a Pastor or Mentor, they don’t have anyone to come pray with them in time of difficulty and some of them have never heard the name of Jesus, that literally breaks my heart. She is willing to be a mentor to Christian Leaders Institute students and help with their ordination.

David H. Hagen
Address: 63043
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

David is passionate about proclaiming the gospel and expanding revival everywhere. He appreciates how ideas make a difference!

Ministry Journey:

David H. Hagen is a lifelong resident of Saint Louis, MO, He is married to a vital Christian wife, and they have three children. David works in information technology, and more specifically, the information security field.

David has an analytical mind, and that’s what led him to a relationship with our Lord. Both his father and mother provided him with a strong biblical foundation and Christian example, but his father specifically ignited his walk.

David is very active in my local church, serving on our intercessory prayer team and leading small group studies.

David started Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and is using this training in his teaching ministry at his local church.

David will encourage local Christian Leaders Institute students as they pursue their callings!

Palmer Stephens
Address: k8p5k5
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

He seeks to serve those in nursing homes and to raise up more leaders for ministry.

Ministry Journey:

Palmer Stephens is married to Michelle, and they have three children, two boys and their youngest is a girl.

Palmer has been blessed with the role of stay at home dad for the past seven years. His family life is very busy as Michelle keeps pace with the rigors of business ownership. He is involved with various ministries within their local church.

Palmer came to the lord at the age of 27 in 1995, and He was baptized in 2004. Since hearing the call to serve and He has been led to a position as a Chaplain in a nursing home.

He is the Provincial Director for the Community Chaplain Service. He has been used by God and sees seniors across this vast land of Ontario Canada come to know the gift of Salvation through acceptance of Jesus Christ as their savior!

Palmer began Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. His ordained as an officiant minister. He is willing to help mentor others through the ordination process.

Ivan Sharp
Address: L9S 1G
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Ivan’s dream is to be a warrior for Christ. To bring revival to this area.

Ministry Journey:

Ivan Sharp live in Barrie Ontario in Canada (just outside of Toronto). Over the past few years, He had the opportunity to lead support groups and study groups. His wife and he continue to come alongside many, to share hospitality, compassion, support, encouragement, and of course scripture and prayer.

Ivan has started a ministry practice brings Christian Counseling and Mediation Services to those within our community and the surrounding area. He also has a ministry for those newly married.

Ivan started taking classes at  Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. He is ordained as an Officiant and Associate Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. He will willing to help those on their ministry journeys.

Jimmie Anderson
Address: 78227
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Mentor and encourage new revival leaders. To bring revival to the San Antonio area.

Ministry Journey:

Jimmie Anderson received Christ as Lord and Savior when he was 12. He has been active in his church since his youth. As a young man, he was ordained as a local deacon.

He walked away from his faith for a short time only to find out that Christ Jesus is the only hope.

Over the years, he has been part of planting many churches. He and his wife are both graduates of Christian Leaders Institute.

He has been ordained as an officiant and will mentor CLI students and graduates. He will also help other become ordained.

James Reeser
Address: 57106
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

James is passionate about serving Christ in ministry!

Ministry Journey:

James Reeser lives in Sioux Falls and works for a construction company as an accountant. James has been happily married for over 22 years and they have 2 wonderful children.

James see his study at Christian Leaders Institute as preparation for this “retirement” into his calling for ministry, a second life career.

James began his studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. he was ordained in 2017. He is willing to mentor and encourage those on the path of ministry and ordination.

Jodi Olson
Address: 57730
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To preach the Gospel of Good News to as many as she can reach, in hopes to bring others into the Kingdom of God.

Ministry Journey:

Jodi Olson is married with 5 children, all who have left the ‘nest’ and are married, gifting them 3 wonderful grandchildren.

Jodi is am currently ministering under ‘Olson Ministries/Unity Chapel’, an outreach ministry, and offering assistance in all ministerial needs.

Her faith background began when She was gifted by adoption into a family and her Grandfather (lifelong minister of the Reformed Church) baptized me. When she was young, during her Catechism classes, her spirit was moved by the gift of Jesus Christ and she prayed to Him to come into her life and lead her… in 2012 the Holy Spirit whispered to her, ‘There’s more’, and so her call in ministry began, and it has been a fulfilling, enlightening and blessed walk.

Jodi began CLI studies in 2014. She has been ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Jodi is willing to encourage local CLI student in their studies and help them through the ordination process with the Christian Leaders Alliance.