Stephen Mayo
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To impact our world with the gospel. To plant a church in Montana.

Ministry Journey

Stephen Mayo was born and raised in a small Montana town. The last of four children. He grew up in a Christian home, something He will thank God for every day. He went to community college in Wyoming where He earned an associate in history, focused on the ancient middle east and the Mediterranean, and an associate in English.

While He was attending college, He slowly fell away from the church. He spent several years stumbling around on his own trying to make things work. He began exploring other faiths and seeing what was out there. Though He never questioned the existence of God, he questioned the person of Christ.

A few years after college some friends invited he and his wife to attend a service at their church. The first couple of weeks He resisted taking in the teaching. At one service, his wife raised her hand as a profession of faith. They were all supposed to have their eyes closed, but somehow he knew when her hand went up. He spent the next week soul searching. On his way to work one day, He put in a DC talk CD from when He was a kid. By the time he arrived at work, He was in tears. He became a Christian at that time.

Immediately, he was sensing a calling. He wanting to start Bible College. Eventually, he found Christian Leaders Institute. Stephen began Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. He is close to finishing his Bachelor degree in divinity. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017.

He is willing and ready to mentor new CLI students and help them become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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North America


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