William Hill

William Hill
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

William seeks to raise up revival leaders in this area working with the youth. He has a passion to mentor others, including those who are released from prison.

Ministry Journey

William T. Hill is married to a godly woman named Joan, and they have four children and two grandchildren.

William had a stroke in May of 2009 and had to learn to walk, speech and all math and reading skills over, after 2.5 yrs. of rehab and occupational therapy. He walked with a walker and graduated to a cane. God has seen him through my healing process!

William started at Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and received his deacon minister ordination in 2017. Christian Leaders Institute offered this generosity-driven scholarship for someone on disability.

William is willing to mentor others as they study through the Christian Leaders Institute and seek ordination.

ZIP Code
North America


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