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Are you called to ministry? Christian Leaders Institute delivers you generosity-driven formal ministry education.  Your ordination credentials are documented at maintained here at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christians, church leaders, and government officials can check out our international directory or our official’s page.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory maintains a current list of ordained ministers. These ministers have been ordained as deacon ministers and their ministerial role status.  If someone is found in this directory, they are deemed in good standing at the time of their ordination.

This Global ordination directory is also a tool for local churches, pastors, and individuals to confirm the ordination of a local Christian leader. Search and find the name of the individual you are looking for.

If you know of someone in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory who is no longer living a life in accord with an ordained minister, please contact rsullivan@christianleaders.net.

Ordained Leaders Stories

Generosity Supported Ordination

Generosity Supported Ordination

Generosity Supported Ordination My name is Jasmine Bridi, and I am receiving generosity supported ordination with Christian Leaders Institute. Currently, I live in Maryland in the United States. I grew up in a family that taught me to seek,…
Credible Ordination Journey

My Credible Ordination Journey

Credible Ordination Journey John Quincy Adams said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader." This motivation drives me, both personally and professionally. Currently, I am a Religious…
Chaplain Ministry

Chaplain Ministry Ordination

Chaplain Ministry Call My name is Francois Erasmus, and I have a chaplain ministry call on my life. Currently, I live in South Africa. Jesus saved me, and I was born again in the year 2007. From there, I became involved in Christian ministry…
Outreach Ministry Journey

Outreach Ministry Journey

Outreach Ministry Journey My name is Traci Applegett, and here is the story of my outreach ministry journey. My husband and I live just outside Nashville, Tennessee, with six of our eight children. Two of our children are grown and married.…
Deacon Minister Story

My Deacon Minister Story

Deacon Minister Story I am so excited to share my Deacon Minister story with you! I have just completed the coursework for my Deacon Minister Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance! The Deacon Ordination credentials allow me to expand my…
Ordained house Church Planter

Ordained House Church Planter Journey

Ordained House Church Planter My name is Barbara Heath, and I am called to be ordained house church planter. I live in southeast Wisconsin. My husband Matt and I have two sons, Isaiah, and Elijah, who are three years old and two years old respectively. Though…
Online Minister Ordination

Online Minister Ordination: My Testimony and Call to Ministry

Online Minister Ordination My name is David Khumalo, and I am receiving my online minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance. I am turning 55 years old in October this year. For this grace, I am eternally grateful to God, our Father.…
Ordination Journey in ministry

Ordination Journey in Ministry

My Ordination Journey in Ministry My name is Tammy Surrine McCray, and the following is my ordination journey in ministry. I am currently residing in Orlando, Florida. This Deacon Minister Ordination will assist my ministry with having a greater…
Ministry Call

Ministry Call: Called for a Purpose

Ministry Call I live in Gore, New Zealand, with my wife and four children, and I have a ministry call from God. I didn't grow up in a Christian home, but I did have amazing Christian grandparents who occasionally took me to church. Despite…