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Are you called to ministry? Christian Leaders Institute delivers you generosity-driven formal ministry education.  Your ordination credentials are documented at maintained here at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christians, church leaders, and government officials can check out our international directory or our official’s page.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory maintains a current list of ordained ministers. These ministers have been ordained as deacon ministers and their ministerial role status.  If someone is found in this directory, they are deemed in good standing at the time of their ordination.

This Global ordination directory is also a tool for local churches, pastors, and individuals to confirm the ordination of a local Christian leader. Search and find the name of the individual you are looking for.

If you know of someone in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory who is no longer living a life in accord with an ordained minister, please contact rsullivan@christianleaders.net.

Ordained Leaders Stories

Minister Ordination Education

Minister Ordination Education

Minister Ordination Education My name is Brandon Sesler, and I am receiving free online minister ordination education at CLI. I live with my wife in Orange, Virginia. We are taking care of her mother and my parents in our home as they get older.…
Free ministry education opportunity

Free Ministry Education Opportunity

Free Ministry Education Opportunity My name is Amber Carmichael, and I am grateful for this free ministry education opportunity at CLI. My family and I live in Franklin County in Virginia. I am a wife and a mother of two girls. I am also a…
House Church Planting Ministry

House Church Planting Ministry

House Church Planting Ministry My name is Jason Dobbins. I am married to Stacy, and we have four children. I have been in ministry for 10 years as a worship leader, street evangelist, men's group leader, and counselor. Now, I am in a house…
Ministry Calling

Minister Calling and Deacon Ordination

Minister Calling and Deacon Ordination My name is Erik Pruitt and I have a minister calling. My wife is named Hope. I thank God for her daily. We have four sons and one daughter. I was born in 1980, in Troy, AL. I was from a broken home due…
Minister Ordination Goal

Minister Ordination Goal: The Road to Service

Minister Ordination Goal My name is John Bailey, and I have a minister ordination goal for service. I currently live in Luling, which is in South Central Texas in the United States. My wife and I have been married for 39 years and have four…
Ordained Gospel Minister

God Is Faithful To His Word

Ordained Gospel Minister My name is Liz Ketcher Catlin. I am called to be an ordained Gospel Minister. I am 56 years old, a wife of 37 years, and mother to two children. My son is 35 and a father to four (one of which is a miracle baby), and…
Minister Ordination Calling

Minister Ordination Calling

Minister Ordination Calling My name is Candace McRae, and I have a minister ordination calling on my life. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Kermit McRae is my husband and together we have 7 children, 3 grandchildren (one in Heaven with Jesus) and…
Ordination Credibility

Seeking Ordination Credibility

Seeking Ordination Credibility My name is Ben Vaughn. I live in Greer, SC. My church family asked me to serve as associate pastor to our pastor, Fred Brown. I am not licensed or ordained through the Baptist association in which Echo Hills Baptist…
Minister Ordination free training

Minister Ordination Free Training

Minister Ordination Free Training My name is Stephanie Gibson, and I am receiving minister ordination free training at CLI. I live in Lawton, Oklahoma. In my heart and soul, I believe that God has called me to be a light to the lost. I am…