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Are you called to ministry? Christian Leaders Institute delivers you generosity-driven formal ministry education.  Your ordination credentials are documented at maintained here at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christians, church leaders, and government officials can check out our international directory or our official’s page.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory maintains a current list of ordained ministers. These ministers have been ordained as deacon ministers and their ministerial role status.  If someone is found in this directory, they are deemed in good standing at the time of their ordination.

This Global ordination directory is also a tool for local churches, pastors, and individuals to confirm the ordination of a local Christian leader. Search and find the name of the individual you are looking for.

If you know of someone in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory who is no longer living a life in accord with an ordained minister, please contact rsullivan@christianleaders.net.

Ordained Leaders Stories

Being a Licensed Wedding Officiant

Being a Licensed Wedding Officiant

God's Love is the Ultimate Foundation I grew up in a Christian home and attended church my whole life. In being a Licensed Wedding Officiant with the CLA and through the training at CLI, I look forward to my next steps in ministry (Learn more…
Licensed Minister Credential

Licensed Minister Credential

My name is Alexander Uriel Duodu, and I am from Ghana. Also, I am at the Christian Leaders Institute to get the Licensed Minister credential (Learn more about Bible courses and ministry classes online, Click Here). In 2019, I was ordained…
Licensed minister journey

Licensed Minister Journey

Licensed Minister Journey: Ministry Mission My name is Loren. I am a 60-year-old married, born again, baptized, and saved Christian currently living in Texas. On my licensed minister journey, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute…
Becoming a licensed minister

Becoming a Licensed Minister

Becoming a licensed minister gives me confidence when standing before a congregation. With a minister's license, I am better equipped to serve and appear professional. I don’t want my insecurities to get in the way of the message of Christ…
Officiate a Wedding

Officiate a Wedding

My name is Stephen Kennedy. My wife and I have an amazing family with three daughters. Recently, my nephew asked me to officiate at his wedding. After being "ordained" through an "ordination mill" site, it felt fake to me. Further, what gave…
Licensed Ordained Wedding Officiant

Licensed Ordained Wedding Officiant

My name is Marvella M. Scott. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to be a licensed ordained wedding officiant (Learn more about free Bible and ministry classes online, Click Here). My Early Years: Blessings and Challenges I grew…
Future Chaplain Minister

Future Chaplain Minister

Seeking a Life of Continued Service: Future Chaplain Minister I am called by God to be a Chaplain Minister. I am studying to be a future chaplain minister at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free Bible and ministry classes…
Knowledge and Guidance

Knowledge and Guidance for God's Calling

Here I Am, Lord, Send Me I am a 37-year-old Malawian woman based in Cape Town, South Africa. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord in 2010. My mind was transformed after Jesus healed and delivered my only brother from a mental disorder. I surrendered…
Life Coach Ministry call

Life Coach Ministry Call

Hope in Christ in Ministry Hello, my name is Jaymie, and I am a sinner saved by grace, through Christ alone. After my life coach ministry call, I became a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free ministry and Bible…