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Are you called to ministry? Christian Leaders Institute delivers you generosity-driven formal ministry education.  Your ordination credentials are documented at maintained here at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christians, church leaders, and government officials can check out our international directory or our official’s page.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory maintains a current list of ordained ministers. These ministers have been ordained as deacon ministers and their ministerial role status.  If someone is found in this directory, they are deemed in good standing at the time of their ordination.

This Global ordination directory is also a tool for local churches, pastors, and individuals to confirm the ordination of a local Christian leader. Search and find the name of the individual you are looking for.

If you know of someone in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory who is no longer living a life in accord with an ordained minister, please contact rsullivan@christianleaders.net.

Ordained Leaders Stories

Christian Officiant

Christian Officiant for Weddings

Shalom in Christ! My name is Long Qin (Aaron), and I am excited to become a Christian Wedding officiant with CLA. Born and raised in the mainland of China, now I live in Los Angeles and also serve in my local church. The journey of my faith…
Ordained and Licensed Chaplain

Ordained and Licensed Chaplain

My name is Juvenalia Mendes, and I am excited to be an ordained and licensed Chaplain with CLA. I am Portuguese. After leaving Portugal at the age of 19 to live on the small Island of Pico Azores, I have now been living in the USA for the last…
Journey to Ordained Ministry

Journey to Ordained Ministry

My name is Amber Scavo, and the following is my journey to ordained ministry. I currently reside in the beautiful state of Tennessee with my husband of 13 years and our 12-year-old son. My husband and I are blessed to serve together in such…
ordained and licensed minister

Ordained and Licensed Minister

My name is Robert McIntyre, an ordained and licensed minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. My wife is Deb McIntyre, a truly wonderful woman. We have four adult children, two granddaughters, and a grandson. We live in Central Indiana…
Pastoring and Chaplaincy Call

Pastoring and Chaplaincy Call

My name is Eric Ross, and I have a pastoring and chaplaincy call from God. God led me to CLI for ministry training and CLA for ordination. I am married for 23 years to my wife Betty. We live just outside Nashville, TN. I found the Christian…
Life Coaching Call

Life Coaching Call to Ministry

Blessed to be a Blessing My name is Julie Phillips, and I have a life coaching call of my life. My husband Don and I live in beautiful Stuart, Florida. The deacon minister ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance is the next step on my…
Women's Ministry Call

Women's Ministry Call Journey

My name is Juvenalia Mendes, and I am on a women's ministry call journey. I am Portuguese and have been living in Hilmar, California, for the past six years. I have worked in foster care and, from that experience, adopted three siblings. We…
Deacon Minister Ordination with CLA

Deacon Minister Ordination with CLA

Deacon Minister Ordination with CLA Hello! My name is Christopher Ryder. Currently, my family and I live in Munich, Germany. The Deacon Minister ordination with CLA (Christian Leaders Alliance) is a blessing for me. This Deacon Minister ordination…
Licensed Wedding Officiant

Licensed Wedding Officiant

Growing the Kingdom My name is Chantal Ryder, and I am excited to become a licensed Christian wedding officiant with CLA. I'm currently living overseas to minister to the homeless here in Germany. My husband and I founded our own ministry for…