Commended Minister Program

Are you called to minister in a specific role?

Are you called to minister in a specific role? Maybe you volunteer at your local church. Maybe you have limited time in your busy week, but you know you are called to ministry. Do you feel the spark for helping others in your community?

Would you like to be more confident in ministering to others? Do you want competence through completing ministry training courses? Do you want credibility by finishing one of the roles of the commended minister program?

Christian Leaders Alliance wants to fan into flame the gift that the Holy Spirit gave to you!

For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

What is the Commended Minister Program?

The commended minister program is a non-licensed and non-ordained minister program for called Christian leaders who have some time each week to serve in a ministry role at their local church, a local Christian ministry, or their community.

Are you licensed or ordained?

If not, this program is a possible first step in a credentialed clergy minister program at Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Commended Minister Program is part of the credentialing programs of the Christian Leaders Alliance, including Clergy Minister programs. Christian Leaders Alliance has three Minister Credential Programs.

The Commended Minister Program is for:

What are the benefits of the commended minister program?

What will you be permitted to do in ministry?

The Commended Minister program permits you to give supportive ministry in the areas you have completed your training.

The commended minister program requires all commended minister candidates to complete one required Ministry Award with the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) in order to complete any of the commended minister credentials.

Christian Leaders Award

- Christian Leaders Profile and Programs Class (45 CLI Points) - Program Getting Started Course

- Christian Leaders Connections (300 CLI Points)

- Christian Basics (300 CLI Points)

Total 645 CLI points

There are many roles to choose from as you discern your ministry calling.

Program completion Steps:

1. Enroll in the Getting Started Class registration class that will take you 20 minutes to complete.

2. Complete the Christian Leaders Award mentioned above.

3. Complete the Commended Minister class, where you are required to submit one recommendation. After this class you are now a commended minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will be included in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.
4. Complete a Commended Minister specialization program. After you complete all your ministry training in your desired role, a specialized commended minister credential will be awarded to you.

5. You can are able to order your Commended Minister credentials.

The Commended Minister program fits many ministry situations! For many called Christian leaders this is the perfect start they need. For others is this all they need to minister in their church or community!

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