Small Groups or Bible Studies are a staple of a local church. Local volunteers often fill these leadership roles at the local church. Christian Leaders Institute has designed a program of study that brings free ministry training to Christian Leaders. This program includes 26 credits of ministry training.

Steps to be ordained as a Small Group Minister

  1. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the Getting Started Class: Scholar Orientation
  2. Complete the Deacon Minister Ordination program (10 credits)
  3. Take additional Ministry Training (20 Credits)
    • Ministry 101 (3 Credits)
    • Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)
    • New Testament Survey (3 Credits)
    • People Smart for Ministry (3 credits)
    • Church and Ministry (3 credits)
    • Developing House Churches (3 Credits)
    • Deacon Minister Ordination (1 Credit)
    • Ordained Small Group Minister Class (1 Credit)

    Total Credits: 20 Additional Credits

  4. Take the Ordained Small Group Minister Class (1 credit) and order your updated ordination credentials. –  Ordained Small Group Minister (1 Credit)

This one-credit hour class is for those leading small groups or Bible Studies. The dynamics of this course are centered around leading small groups at local churches. Your studies will focus on three areas. The first is Biblical content. The second is relationships and group dynamics. The third is communication.

As an Ordained Small Group Minister, your training will be for the following roles:

Small-Group Minister
House Church Minister
Bible Study Leader
Sunday School Teacher
Cell Group Leader

Being a Licensed Wedding Officiant

Being a Licensed Wedding Officiant

God’s Love is the Ultimate Foundation

I grew up in a Christian home and attended church my whole life. In being a Licensed Wedding Officiant with the CLA and through the training at CLI, I look forward to my next steps in ministry (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Story

Married, we recently celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. We have two grown sons. I gained a bonus daughter five years ago when a young lady from my church life group came to live with us. She was escaping a poor home environment. With God’s help, we assisted her mom and siblings to flee the domestic violence. They have begun healing and building a new life.

I have always worked in service-related fields. Currently, I work as the Director of Finance and Human Resources for a medium-sized ambulance company.

I served at a local church in Halifax, Pennsylvania, as a Sunday School Teacher, Lay Reader, and Health Aide. For the last eight years, I served as a Girl’s Youth Life Group Leader and Mentor. I believe in serving and teaching. God has given me a desire to provide counseling to youth and young adults. This path is leading me to be a better Christian.

Being a Licensed Wedding Officiant

Being a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant will help me in ministry. I hope it will open the door to counseling. As a Wedding Officiant, I have the ability to help couples. Some may come to know God and know Jesus as their Savior. For others, I may help them to deepen their relationship with God, as well as help them begin their marriage with a solid foundation in Christ. I can perhaps help them to understand how their individual biases and baggage from past relationships and modeled marital relationships influence them. Also, I can share with them how to fight right, with respect, honor, and love.

The programs through Christian Leaders Institute are well designed and lead you through the course requirements in a logical manner. Each course leads you to a deeper understanding of God, His Word, and His Love. I am excited to pursue the path which God has set before me and to continue growing in Him. Blessing to you all!

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

Licensed Minister Credential

Licensed Minister Credential

My name is Alexander Uriel Duodu, and I am from Ghana. Also, I am at the Christian Leaders Institute to get the Licensed Minister credential (Learn more about Bible courses and ministry classes online, Click Here).

In 2019, I was ordained as a Pastor at Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Centre. Further, I have been going through the Bible courses and ministry courses at Christian Leaders Institute. My studies are in connection with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Recently, I realized that having the Licensed Minister credential will benefit my ministry journey. I want to get more in-depth knowledge in this credential by learning from well-seasoned ministers who have lived exemplary lives.

Currently, I am a school chaplain. Therefore, having the Licensed Minister credential will help me be more established in the work of ministry. Going through this free ministry training is a great gem for my spiritual upbringing. I know much personal sacrifice has been made to make this training possible. In the coming days, I want to be part of Vision Partners. I want to make the Christian Leaders training available to many believers to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.

Please, pray for me to be more rooted in Christ so that God can use me to raise up more spiritual giants among the youth in my community.

Learn more about ordination and minister licensing at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? To learn more, check out the Christian Leaders College.

Licensed Minister Journey

Licensed minister journey

Licensed Minister Journey: Ministry Mission

My name is Loren. I am a 60-year-old married, born again, baptized, and saved Christian currently living in Texas. On my licensed minister journey, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about Bible courses and ministry classes online, Click Here).

My faith in Christ did not come from my childhood church attendance. Rather, it came from seeing my life as going nowhere while I served in the Marine Corps. I found that there is hope and peace in knowing Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

I have a dream of a healing ministry. This would be church, ministry, counseling, and training for the hurting. I envision a Spirit-filled ministry where many lives can be turned around from whatever pain and suffering they have endured. It would help them see that there is love, compassion, and healing through Jesus Christ.

Ministry Training and Biblical Teaching at CLI

I searched for just the right ministry training and Biblical teaching. The Christian Leaders Institute has what I am looking for. Now, I can learn what is needed to become an effective leader in my ministry and reach out to those in need. Being able to do this will undoubtedly show God’s saving grace and His love for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. I want to lead lost and hurting people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

In these difficult economic times, I have the opportunity to study and learn for free from the Christian Leaders Institute. I would not otherwise have the opportunity because of the lack of affordability of other schools. In previous years, I took many classes at different colleges and universities in the way of Biblical training. However, even some of the so-called Christian schools have a curriculum that often teaches in a secular worldview instead of a Christian worldview.

Licensed Minister Journey

Finding Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance has been such a blessing. With the free classes, affordability is not an issue. However, I am and will continue to be a vision partner in giving. CLI not only gives me the opportunity to study and learn from such Spirit-filled instructors but also gives many others the same opportunity. With the classes that I have taken so far, I am more excited than ever to keep learning. As I continue to finish classes, I find areas in my personal life and in ministry that I can enhance and improve.

Becoming a licensed minister with CLA is a great milestone. It is the first of many achievements that I hope to embark on to benefit my ministry service. My wife now also has an interest in Christian Leaders Institute. Since there are constantly new courses to take, I am sure that we will be taking many together, and hopefully get others to get training as well.

I would like to ask for prayer so that The Lord will use my wife and me together in ministry. We are open to wherever we can be used to serve and in whatever way. We want to help people see that there is a way to salvation, away from the death and destruction of this world. In everything, we always want to bring glory to our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Learn more about ordination and minister licensing at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? To learn more, check out the Christian Leaders College.