Ministry Calling

Ministry Calling

Ministry Calling

Hi, my name is Greg Miller, and I have a ministry calling on my life. I was born in California and moved to Texas at the age of three. I currently reside in Huntsville, Texas. I married my childhood sweetheart Sharlene at the age of 18 and we started a family. We have been married 42 years.

Five years into our marriage, we lost our home to a bad storm when a tree fell through the roof of our home. My wife was at home with our two little girls. They were sitting on the floor watching a show when the treetop came through the ceiling on top of our girls. I was working about an hour away from home. My wife got the girls from under the tree and they were fine! Praise God! At this time our family was not active in church and not serving God.

My brother-in-law and sister, who are Christians, brought a camper for us to live in while we waited for insurance to settle. They invited us to a Christmas church party. We decided to go. They gave an invitation to receive Christ and my 5-year-old daughter raised her hand and I did also. My wife and our other daughter later received Christ. We started going to church and then a Bible study at our new home that grew to a small church. Our pastor, Terry Thompson, came to our town and helped us start a fellowship. The name is NEW SONG. About a year later, the Lord sent to us Pastors Dan and Kim Moon. They are and have been pastoring for 30 + years.

Two years after Jesus saved me in 1985, I was filled with the Holy Ghost and God gave me a ministry calling. God called me to reach the lost. So I went to homes around our town and told people about my savior Jesus Christ and I taught Children’s Church and served in other areas of our church. Then the Lord called me to go into the prison ministry in 1991 and share the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Now I have a ministry calling for a revival in our town. I know I need to be a better teacher of God’s word and I believe Christian Leaders Institute can help me with this calling.

I came to know about CLI when I was searching on the Internet for a solid foundational teaching on the word of God. This way I would be able to better equip myself for ministry to my family and throughout my community. Through my search, I found that CLI had a very special training and support system with strong values on family and ministry with hardly any cost. It was through the loss of a loved one that was very close to me and my family that sparked the interest for me to be able to learn more about the word of God. I want to be able to share my story and share the love of Christ with those around me. Ministry training at CLI and ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will be blessings to my ministry calling. I will continue to pray for and support CLI as the teachings through these courses have already blessed and impacted my life greatly.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.