Ordained Servant Minister

Ordained Servant Minister

Ordained Servant Minister

I am excited and humbled to become an ordained servant minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. My high school sweetheart and I married thirty-one years ago.  We have one daughter (30-years old) that is married and has two boys (a four-year-old and a nine-year-old).  I have lived in Dubuque, Iowa, most of my sixty-two years.  I’ve been an IT professional at Rainbo Oil Company for the last twenty-two years. Rainbo Oil owns C-Stores(14), fast food establishments(6), and is a bulk oil distributor(4). I’m currently an elder at an Assembly of God church and have been for the last seven years. I grew up in a predominantly Catholic city during my formative years but strayed from the faith throughout my teenage years and my twenties. I spent many years satisfying my worldly appetite.

A Life For God

My wife and I married when I was thirty, and we had a daughter in our first year of marriage. That miracle from The Lord changed my life immediately. A baby showed me what unconditional love looked and felt like, and I didn’t understand unconditional love until that day. I gave my life to The Lord and haven’t looked back or regretted one moment.

I witness to co-workers daily and perform jail ministry a couple of months a year at the city jail.  Participating in many church sponsored ministry events is a big part of my life.  One of them is the annual turkey giveaway in which we give a full turkey dinner to low-income people. The only qualification is that they attend Sunday service to hear the pastor’s message. I also teach Bible study courses to church members throughout the year. I’m involved in the church driving ministry, usher ministry, and I’m a member of the church board. Our church currently has 135 members.

Ministry Training

I am grateful for the Christian Leaders Institute for providing a cost-effective avenue to expand my thirst for learning further and reading The Word. This education will help me to boldly proclaim The Word and witness wherever The Holy Spirit prompts me to go. I hope to preach The Word to one and all in Jesus Name.

The ordination class and requirement of receiving three endorsements from a mentor, friend, and my wife opened my eyes. It was powerful to hear what other people see as my strengths and weaknesses. That information will help me in my ministry walk with The Lord. How I see myself isn’t always how others might see me.  Some of what I thought were strengths others saw as weaknesses.  What I felt were my weaknesses; others saw as strengths. I found that words have power and can uplift or bring someone down including the thoughts inside my head said to myself.

Serving God Wholeheartedly

As an ordained servant minister, I plan on using the gifts The Lord has given me to serve Him in whatever capacity He sees fit. This ordination class helped me to keep focused as a daily reminder to serve The Lord and helped with my communication skills. The Lord will provide the resources and words needed for wherever He sends or whatever He asks me to do. This summer, I plan to start a ministry program in Dubuque with the Christian Motorcyclist Association to evangelize motorcyclists. I ask for prayer for favor and blessing for this new ministry. Please, pray that I remain steadfast in The Word and have the strength to continue to share with anyone willing to listen.

Without the Christian Leaders Institute providing the resources, I wouldn’t be able to participate in this educational opportunity.  But here, at CLI, the cost usually associated with the quality of education they offer is free of charge. I’m grateful for the curriculum that CLI provides. Becoming an ordained servant minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance is also a blessing.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.