Fiji Deacon Ordination

Fiji Deacon Ordination

Fiji Deacon Ordination

My name is Elaine Pounder. I am receiving my Fiji Deacon Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance. I was born and raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. However, because of my husband’s work, I have lived most of my adult life overseas. Our first move was to Hong Kong, where I lived for more years than I did in the UK. But eventually, it was time to leave, and I spent the next few years living in the United Arab Emirates. Today I live in Fiji in what is known as an ’empty nest’ because our children are all now adults themselves.

After I experienced a taste of heaven during a near death experience on the 24th of October 1984, I wondered if any human faith system could be considered as holding the key to the truth about God. My desire for truth was reinforced after my father died in 1986. So, after nine years of actively exploring the claims of all the major religions and a few minor ones, it became clear to me that Christian claims were the only ones supported by actual evidence. On the 4th of July 1993, I gave my life to Christ. Today, I very much enjoy the fact that I share this particular date with the people of the USA. But of course, while they celebrate their independence, I celebrate my day of dependence! Jesus is indeed my rock and my salvation!

Growing in The Lord

I never doubted, even in the early days, that in Jesus, I’d found the truth and the way into heaven. The overwhelming body of evidence, which already confirms so many Christian claims, has only served to continually strengthen and reinforce my confidence and commitment to live as a Christ follower. Over the years, I have grown in faith and understanding through a variety of experiences. Especially so through the tough times that God has allowed me to experience, for they have all taught me that I can trust Him completely. Though I wait for some elements in my life to work out, I know they will in His way and in His time, for He has never let me down.

For this reason, I didn’t find it too hard when, in 2014, I was called to give up my work as a university lecturer. I did it to become a full-time volunteer with The Little Church World (TLC World). TLC World is the ministry which God founded in our midst in the United Arab Emirates back in 2008. We didn’t realize this at the time, for all we did was begin a house church out of need rather than out of a strategic plan. But, I’ve come to realize that behind every need, God is doing a work. Today, I find myself serving and enjoying life as an administrator. I work with a super team of bi-vocational volunteers living and working around the globe. They are all doing what they can when they can because they are Great Commission oriented. They love serving the Lord and blessing others.

Free Ministry Study at CLI

I registered as a student with the Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. I did primarily because of my husband’s enthusiasm for and endorsement of the quality of programmes the school offers. My confidence in his judgment comes from the fact that besides being the founding pastor of TLC World, he’s also a university professor. He is currently serving as Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the university with responsibility for quality in terms of both learning and teaching. This work is an educational area with which he’s been concerned for many years.

However, my purpose for registering with CLI was never to find employment or begin a new career. In fact, I believe God has brought us here to Fiji for His Kingdom purposes. I’m excited to hear more from Him, for I’m sure He’s not revealed all to us as yet. For this reason, I’m perfectly content in my calling.

My Fiji Deacon Ordination and Further CLI Courses

Today, I see my Fiji Deacon Ordination as merely another stepping stone (albeit it a significant one) in my own growth and ministry journey. I’m grateful for the opportunities God has provided for me to share the Good News in a wide range of contexts. Because, like everyone else in the TLC World team, I’m also Great Commission oriented, and herein lies the principal reason for me deciding to register as a student in the first place. I believe it’s essential to be able to answer the questions of those who are on truth-seeking journeys for themselves.

God used a variety of people to answer my questions when I was seeking the truth. And, my CLI training so far has already proven to be of great help in this aspect of my life. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no matter how much we know, there is always more to learn. Therefore, I don’t see my Fiji Deacon ordination as an end in itself. I’m already looking forward to continuing my studies and increasing my biblical knowledge and understanding through the many CLI courses that are available for me to take.

Thank you for asking how you can pray for me. Please pray that God will always bless me to be a blessing. And that He will always protect me from the evil one who I know will do all he can to prevent me from serving.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.