Formal Ordination

Formal Ordination Journey

Formal Ordination

Generally, people call me Minister Judith, and here is my formal ordination journey. The UK is where I was born and raised. I am one of five children, the only girl. I am a mother and blessed grandparent. My career path has positioned me to work in some of the UK’s largest blue chip companies. In addition to this, I trained as an IT professional and web designer. I love reading almost as much as songwriting and in the last few years found myself involved in PA/Sound Engineering. I am now set aside full-time for ministry, and I’m trusting God for every breath.

In 1991, I was born again at a diverse, non-denominational church. Given my introduction to God was as a Catholic, I was delighted to discover a real God with a fantastic love for me and humanity. Also, I gained the knowledge of the great inheritance received through my savior and Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has become my personal friend, and it is exhilarating. Today, God is growing ever more real and relevant in my life. The Holy Spirit is active in my life.

My Christian journey has been fantastic. It was not without deep sorrows and great joys! I began in prison ministry and worship music, but I realize that worship music is a great passion. However, I am equally enthusiastic for outreach, evangelism, preaching, and teaching of the Word.

Free Christian Leaders Institute Training

I am grateful to Christian Leaders Institute for presenting this excellent opportunity to train in specific ways for ministry calling. This training has challenged ideas and confirmed my learning acquired over my years of service. It has given me the perspective for further growth. Furthermore, Christian Leaders Alliance opened the doorway to my formal ordination. My ordination service is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2019. I am grateful for all the support training and charitable efforts which have gone into making this journey a credible exercise. It is very reassuring and a wonderful blessing!

Full-Time Ministry Dream

Presently, I am seeking a full-time ministry position. A couple of doors have opened which I am currently investigating. My credential will give me more credibility and the confidence I need to move forward. I have the advantage of a beautiful mentor minister at CLA who has personally sought opportunities for me and has helped immensely to steer me in the right direction. Currently, I co-opted on to the CLA UK Council. I will shortly be joining the Mentor Minister directory, and am looking forward to better supporting UK students. Hopefully, I will be a part of the endeavor for a UK dedicated student center.

I have a renewed and revived excitement about my future in ministry. I already see the seeds planted in regards to missions. This new season in ministry is exciting. I left full-time corporate work in 2017. Although I am freelancing from time to time, I am wholly dependent on God’s provision and the generosity of others. If this free online training program were not available, I would be stuck.

Please, pray for clarity of vision and for God’s grace and provision to follow also, that my ministry calling may impact and wake up nations to the knowledge of our soon coming King! SHALOM.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.