Retiree Deacon Minister Ordination

Retiree Deacon Minister Ordination

Retiree Deacon Minister Ordination

My name is Oral Mark Wall. Here is my retiree deacon minister ordination story. I have been retired since December 31, 2010. I married Karen Elizabeth Giacobone, my true love, on June 4, 1976. We are blessed to have two children and six grandchildren. We live in Aiken County, South Carolina.

Salvation in Christ and Running from His Call

I first asked Jesus into my heart when I was very young. I can still remember how clean I felt inside. As a child, I did not know how to grow in Christ. As the years passed and I became a teenager, I avoided church services where I could feel the drawing of the Holy Spirit. Of course, I thought I would not be held accountable for what I didn’t hear. I ran from His calling.

Eventually, I understood that running away from God when His Spirit was drawing me to repentance was dangerous. At twenty-three, divorced, and running from God, my life was in shambles. I started attending church again so I could play on the softball team. One Sunday night, I surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s call, went to the altar, confessed my sin, and trusted in Jesus as my Savior.

Renewal and Addiction Struggle

I felt the call of God early in my twenties. I worked with the music department and taught Sunday school. Truthfully, I wish I could say that I continued steadfastly in the Lord. Sadly though, thirteen years later, I turned away from following the Lord, secretly sinning by taking up a tobacco habit that I had been delivered from when Jesus saved me. I continued in that condemnation by stopping tithing and attending church. I was at the point where I felt like my whole life was just a lie. An addiction bound me to tobacco. The Holy Spirit revealed to me, many times, how the habit was standing between God and me.

One Sunday morning, while I watched a church service on television, the Holy Spirit gripped my heart, and I repented. Jesus completely forgave me, delivered me instantly from the addiction to tobacco and gave me a new joy in the Holy Ghost. Praise God for His long-suffering with rebellious, wayward sinners, and thank God He is the God of second, third, and many chances.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

I found the Christian Leaders Institute while searching the internet for free ministry training. He has been so good to me and has shown me so much mercy and love; I owe Him my all. It is my desire to be used by God, to be led by the Holy Spirit, and to lead others to Jesus. Since taking courses at Christian Leaders Institute, my walk with the LORD has grown more profound, and I appreciate His word even more. My desire to share His word has also increased. The courses that I have taken have encouraged me in my walk with Jesus. Sharing the love of Jesus with the world is my priority locally and where ever He may lead.

Retiree Deacon Minister Ordination with CLA

Retiree Deacon Minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is a blessing. It may open doors to minister in other fields that I have not been invited to minister in without ordination credentials. Currently, I teach the senior citizen Sunday school/small group class in our church. I sing and minister the word in another local church. Also, I have spoken or taught on Wednesday night at my local church. Occasionally, I have led the devotional for our monthly men’s gathering. One other ministry I do is singing and testifying in a local nursing home ministry. I thank God for every opportunity I have to minister His word.

Blessed by Christian Leaders Institute’s Ministry

The training I have received at CLI is quality training taught by knowledgeable professors who are men of God. The ordination process at CLI and CLA is honorable. It uses checks and balances to evaluate the applicants through testing and three letters of recommendation for ordination from people who know you well in your walk with Christ.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Bible, church history, how to become more effective in teaching, or how to better walk with the LORD can benefit from the teaching ministry of CLI. Age doesn’t matter as long as you have a desire to serve the LORD, and you maintain a teachable spirit.

Those who are called into ministry and need training or credentials can receive the blessing of free quality training from a reputable establishment that is forward-looking. CLI is continually looking for ways to improve and raise up revival leaders around the world. The heart of CLI is to reach the lost for Christ through generosity based Christian education.

Retiree Deacon Minister Ordination Gratitude

I thank God for the Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Alliance, and Christian Leaders College. This ministry has truly blessed and enriched my life. I support this ministry and applaud all those who support financially as well. Many are not able to give financially but give of themselves to the Lord. Stories of those who have been blessed by CLI with the gifts that others have provided touch my heart. The impact of this ministry and the generosity of believers around the world are helping to fulfill our LORD’s “Great Commission.” “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) To God, be the glory.

Please, pray for my wife’s health to improve. Then, she can accompany me and share her testimony of how God has brought her through so much adversity. God bless CLI.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.