Calling and Ordination with CLA

Calling and Ordination at CLA

Calling and Ordination at CLA: My Calling Turns Into Actions

My name is Paul T. Fuller, and here is the story of my calling and ordination at CLA. I was born in London, England, where I live. My father served in the Army during the war and, that was a major influence on me as a child. Eventually, I also joined the Army. I went to a Christian faith school as a child due to my father being Christian, in spite of the fact, that my mother was Muslim.

Military Service

It was during my military service that I increasingly wondered about my purpose and significance of life. I was totally aware of God and believed in His pending judgment that would come to all sinners. Sadly, like most secular “Christians,” I believed I was a good person, and burning in hell wouldn’t happen to me.

In 2003, after returning from operations in Iraq, I suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for two months. It was during my treatment stay in hospital that I was approached by a visitor of a patient next to me. The visitor’s name was John and he was proclaiming the Gospel. When I became an out-patient, John introduced me to an Alpha course at his church, which I completed over the time of my stroke rehab. However, I stopped seeking God and allowed the world to become my focus.

Finding God

My Ex-wife was Italian and a strong Catholic, which was my first experience with organized religion. Once again, I found myself at a crossroads, searching for a purpose in my life. So I started seeking God again and giving myself to studying and meditating on the scriptures. I got baptized as a disciple and servant of Christ.

My Journey of Calling, Study at CLI, and Ordination at CLA

My spiritual journey has led me to start a small church, Gospel Fellowship. This church, in turn, led me to realize that I needed formal training in ministry to be more effective and grounded. I enrolled in an open university course on Christian theology. Very quickly, I realized it was about world religions and spiritual new age. They had nothing about steering a calling to minister and serving God’s people in Christ.

Then, the Holy Spirit directed my search engine on my smartphone to Christian Leaders Institute. At first, I had no idea what I was opening, I just enrolled here, I hadn’t even noticed that the courses were free. I kept trying to find the price list. Glory be to God! So far, both CLI’s curriculum and teaching have given me the skills and capabilities to confidently execute my calling to serve and do God’s will.

Calling and Ordination at CLA

I was in no doubt about my calling but needed an accepted education and certification. There are those out there who will question your training or authority, and that is where Deacon Minister Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance will assist my ministry. I was asked to apply for pastoral positions where I was recommended by a brother or sister who attended my small church or watched my video on Utube. The paperwork that confirms my actions has held me back. However, because of the ministry training at CLI, my calling is bright.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.