Deacon Clergy Ordination

Deacon Clergy Ordination with CLA

Hi, I am Magda Els. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute, and I am receiving the deacon clergy ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Born in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, on May 18, 1978, I am the eldest of three children. I, however, grew up in Secunda. My parents got divorced when I was 13 years old. With my father not part of our lives, and my mother being a single parent, we grew up in poverty. However, we always had a meal on our table.

Early Years and Struggles

Although I always knew of God, I wasn’t brought up in a house where God and the church had the most important place in our lives. During my mother’s second marriage, we went to church because that was expected and socially accepted. In this marriage of my mother, we learned and dealt with family violence.

During my high school years, my best friend invited me more than once to church. So, I learned more about God and Jesus. I met my first husband while in boarding school, and although we never dated in school, we got married shortly after finishing school. He and his family introduced me to the church and to God. But it still didn’t light the fire of the Holy Ghost in me. We got divorced four years later due to a childless marriage.

A Precious Gift from God on My Deacon Clergy Ordination Journey

Then, I met my second husband. We didn’t have any expectations in our relationship as we both already walked a difficult path in life. We married on October 10, 2009. Then, we started to talk about adoption in February of 2010. I thought that no matter how we will have a baby, this child’s name should mean “Gift of God.” We soon learned that we were expecting our Gift from God. Mattysen taught me how to pray and be humble. During this pregnancy, I learned that I can’t do it without God. I came to know Jesus as my Savior!

The first time I held Matty in my arms, I felt the love of Jesus like never before. This little girl brought me to the cross. She touched my heart as nobody could. Sixteen months after her birth, I was pregnant with our little “bonus.” We wouldn’t be able to do it, without our Savior. We prayed so hard for these children. I made a promise that my children will know and love God. Parenthood ignited the fire of the Holy Ghost in me.

My Call to Minister on My Decon Clergy Ordination Journey

I noticed that children get neglected on so many levels. We see the verbal and physical abuse. I served in the Sunday School of our local church. I saw these children out of poverty and the dark side of life. People tend to look at children and think that as long as they have a bed and food they are taken care of. The seed was planted in me that we can’t save our youth without connecting with our children.

By receiving the Deacon Clergy Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance, I will be able to work more freely with children and the people in the community. I want to show the children and the less privileged people that, no matter what, you can achieve anything and everything with God by your side.

My spiritual dream is to start a church or a house church and hold more prayer get-togethers for the children and youth of our community. With the current lockdown we experience worldwide, I could apply for a permit to reach the communities where help is needed.

Finding CLI and CLA on My Deacon Clergy Ordination Journey

As a mother of two girls that are homeschooled, it is easier to do distance learning. There was a need for me to do my studies through a free program. The free ministers training at the Christian Leaders Institute gave me more insight into my leadership skills. These are skills I can use in my parenting also. I have chosen to do my studies through the Christian Leaders Institute because of the fact that I can do it on my own time. Also, the accreditation is on an international level.

At this very moment, we as a world, country, community, and ministry need each other’s prayers for health, freedom, peace, and that everyone has the opportunity to hear the Gospel of God and experience the love of Jesus.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.