Church Planting Minister

Church Planting Minister

My name is Nancy Adjei, and I am getting ordained as a church planting minister with CLA. I was born and grew up in Ghana. I am the third child of five siblings. My upbringing was in a Christian home, and I was even born in the mission house, so going to church morning and evening was a usual thing to do. I am married with two biological sons and many other children. I live in Mitcham, a suburb of London, United Kingdom.

Early Years

In my early years, I was a devoted church attendee. However, something changed in me before I finished high school. I became a Muslim. I am a giver, so any time I have something, I share it, and I do it with passion. Therefore, I worked hard to convert people to the Muslim faith. Any time there was an event, I made sure to organize the women and do something to help. It pleased the leaders in the community, so they wanted me to go to Saudi Arabia for training to understand the religion well. They interviewed me to get me a traveling document. It was my tenth year in that religion. A day before my traveling, I told them I was not interested. Then I left the Islamic faith.

After two years, a friend of mine told me to look for a church to attend. That advice turned my life around. I sat down and prepared questions for any church that I would visit. I wanted to know more about Jesus so that I could share it. My local church was supportive of my calling, so they allowed me to preach morning and evening services and lead the adult Bible studies in the evenings as well as in the house group. They felt that anyone who has a calling should have a chance to practice it.

Calling to Ministry

Since I love to share, I take every opportunity to let everyone I meet hears God’s Word, which never goes forth void. However, I felt that I could be much more effective and confident if I am ordained. Also, everyone who knows me confirms that I should be ordained as a Minister. I serve wherever needed. I am a church board member, lead Bible studies, lead small groups, and also help service ministries in my church and even in my community.

Study at the CLI and Ordination at CLA

I was looking for ministry training, and I came across the website of the Christian Leaders Insitute for free training. At first, I did not believe it was free, but I decided to try and see. CLI has been a blessing to me. Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance has made it possible for me to serve as an ordained church planting minister.

The training and skills that CLI has given me will allow me to achieve the mission God has placed on my life effectively. This training is a stepping stone towards the great purpose God has created for me. I want to learn more here to get a bachelor’s degree. I hope to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in my ministry. Thank you for this educational and ordination opportunity.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.