Ordained Life Coach Minister

Ordained Life Coach Minister

My name is Joyliz Mburu. I took the ordination course at Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about Studying the Bible, Click Here). I am excited to receive the Deacon Minister ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Then, I will be an ordained Life Coach Minister.

My Youth

I grew up in rural Kenya, East Africa, in the late ’80s. I am the last born in a family of five siblings, with two brothers and two sisters. My parents were both educators in the elementary school, which was five kilometers away. We all walked to school, come rain or shine together with the other kids in the neighborhood. There was no bus transport, plus very few people could afford a car. My dad doubled up as a local pastor, so he taught during the week and preached on Sunday. He was considered rich because he had a Suzuki motorbike, which he rode for many years. As a matter of fact, it was a few years older than me and was pretty much part of the family.

Ours was a happy childhood. We were blessed to have a balanced meal and a decent roof over our heads, unlike some of our classmates. I remember my late Mom would always remind me to put on my shoes. However, since many of my classmates came to school barefooted, I could not comprehend why I had to bother. Many kids came to school with torn uniforms and were teased by other kids. I remembered that the other day when I saw a woman donning torn jeans, a fashion trend now.

My Faith Journey

I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 12. A few years later, I served in the Christian Union leadership in high school as the chair lady. That was a great period in my life. I experienced the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord in a tangible way other than relying on my parent’s testimony. I continued in fellowship with the Lord, going for missions and hanging out with my fellow brethren. Together we grew in the faith.

When I enrolled in a journalism course, I got introduced to the modeling world. I was featured in top publications in the region and on the cover of all the country’s top magazines. I did fashion shows on weekends and still made it for church service. Through it all, my faith did not waver.

However, a few years down the line, I found myself deep in sin. I would be clubbing at 2 am, and a still small voice within me would say, “What are you doing here? Are you really having fun?” So, I would tell my friends I am going home, and they would be left wondering what’s wrong with me. I continued with the trend until, like the prodigal son, I couldn’t take it anymore. The turning point was when I felt so unhappy and unfulfilled, even in my dating life. So, one night, I knelt in my apartment and cried out to God. I rededicated my life to Him, and He welcomed me back into the fold and restored me. My life has never been the same again.

New Direction

Soon after that, I met the most amazing, God-fearing man, and we dated for a few months. He was in America, and I was in Kenya. We planned our wedding, which was so beautiful. Later on, I joined him here in the USA. We have two children, Myles and Zara. They are a constant reminder of God’s goodness. Facing with culture shock and having to stay home raising the kids turned out to be what I needed. I had ample time to seek the Lord. Eventually, I realized I enjoyed seeing others utilizing their full potential. So, I searched for a career I could pursue that would align with my calling.

That’s when I came across the Christian Leaders Institute. What a blessing it has been to receive so much quality education! Recently, I got certified as a Life Coach Minister. Now, I look forward to the Deacon Minister Ordination. I can only imagine what the future holds as an ordained life coach minister. Many lives will be transformed as a result of my obedience to go into coaching. Furthermore, I am a minister of the gospel.

All thanks to CLI for equipping me for the great task ahead! May God bless every partner and President Henry Reyenga for obeying God’s call to start CLI offering free quality Bible education. CLI is impacting so many lives worldwide, mine included.


Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.