ministerial credentialing

Ministerial Credentialing

“I just want to be useful, Lord,” was the prayer I prayed when I returned to the Lord and rededicated my life in service to Him. The Lord called me after I engaged in prodigal living for many years, criminal activity, drunkenness, drugs, and more. He pulled me out of the gutter, redeemed me, and led me into His service. My name is David A. Lee. I am a son, brother, and husband who has been married to Dawn Lee for 15 years. I am a father to three adult children and grandfather to six grandchildren. Further, I am on a ministerial credentialing journey.

Ministerial Credentialing Journey

Ministerial credentialing relates not only to an individual’s calling but also to recognition and accountability. In biblical times, men of God were recognized by their actions and service to God more than a formal education with a piece of paper in their pocket. However, in today’s times, credentials are increasingly important. They show that an individual has appropriate training and learning. He or she can complete difficult and time-consuming tasks, has Biblical knowledge, and has studied in-depth biblical concepts. In essence, the credentials earned declare that we, as ministers of the word, take our calling seriously and put in the time to study and grow in our knowledge. Therefore, we can serve others to the best of our ability with the power and calling of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

In August 2020, an ordination council of pastors and deacons evaluated me. Afterward, they ordained me into the ministry. It was an extraordinary moment in my life. My dad was the minister in charge of the council and handed me my certificate at night’s end.

Ministerial Credentialing through CLI and CLA

In the past, I never thought that seminary training was a possibility for me. The cost associated with it was too high, and I was unable to gather the funds necessary. So, because of the Christian Leaders Institute, the dream of attending a high-quality seminary college has become a reality. I have been attending CLI and taking courses for seventeen months now. Becoming a licensed minister is another vital step in gathering credentials. It shows that I am serious about serving as a minister in my calling to the people God places in my path.

During my time at CLI, I have earned seventeen awards (not including this license). To name a few, I have received the Christian Ministry Diploma, Ordained Minister, Ordained Deacon Minister, Field Minister (Commended), Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, and very soon will be completing the Associate of Divinity Program. I am beyond blessed to have found CLI. Further, I plan to sign up for the Bachelor of Divinity program next year.

There is nothing more important in my life than to serve the Lord. I also want to be a good and faithful husband, father, grandfather, pastor, and spiritual leader to any that the Lord God above places in my life. I am consumed by God and, in many ways, have received a new identity as a servant of God most High.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.