Becoming a Wedding officiant

Becoming a Wedding Officiant

My name is Sheila Bernard. Since I first began my journey with the Christian Leaders Institute in 2016, a lot has transpired in my life. It required that I put my education on hold. Recently, I looked into becoming a Christian wedding officiant online. How exciting that CLI offers this opportunity to me! Now, I am back to my ministry journey with CLI.

Thankfully, my Christian walk has become more sure-footed and bold as I have overcome the tough circumstances I faced. They made me lean into God and trust Him completely. That is why the very first verse I learned as a child, Proverbs 3:5-6 is not only one of my favorite verses but a life verse!

Challenges and Changes

My spouse and I relocated to the Olympic Peninsula from Tacoma, Washington State, in May of 2019 after having a two-year life-altering storm that started with me being told by my Oncologist/Hematologist that I had four years to live! To which I replied, “You are not God and only He knows the date and hour of my death, I rebuke you!” He simply smiled and replied, “Keep that attitude and you will live a long life.”

Shortly afterward, my husband and I gained custody of our teen grandchild. Then there was the mental, emotional, and physical trauma that came along with that. Things seemed to start to settle down. But then, we experienced a devastating house fire that left us homeless. We almost lost everything we owned. However, I kept hearing, “I will make beauty from ashes” (referencing Isaiah 61:3). Once back in our home, we felt that God was calling us to “go” where we knew no one. We knew that God was sending us. However, we did not know the reason or where He was sending us. We sold our home and said, “Send us!” He sent us to the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.

New Beginnings

In our short time here on the peninsula, I jumped into our community, serving within our local church body as Recovery Ministry Leader and Bible Study co-leader. I also wrote the Bible study questions each week for all of the groups, facilitated a closed women’s 12-step group, joined the Women’s Ministry Leadership team, and preached on several occasions.

Many people have repeatedly asked me through the years of volunteering why I am not ordained as a pastor. I do not have an answer except “finances.” I can not see going into debt to gain an education. That is why finding the Christian Leaders Institute excites me. I can get a biblical education and the training I need while I also make donations towards others’ education without going into debt.

Becoming a Wedding Officiant through CLI

Recently, a family member asked me to officiate their upcoming wedding. The person who was to officiate canceled on them. I planned to decline when I felt in my spirit that I was to say yes. In the past, I had to turn down friends, family members, and casual acquaintances asking this of me, as I did not feel confident in officiating their wedding. I decided to search online about becoming a wedding officiant. It was shocking to see the many ordination “mills” on the internet. Ordination with them was unacceptable for me as they did not support my Christian beliefs or morals.

So, I checked with the Christian Leaders Institute to see if they have a course on how to officiate a wedding. To my amazement, they do!! Through the online course offered here, I gained the skills I need to facilitate a pre-marriage meeting. Then, I can determine if I am the best-suited candidate for the role. I learned how to comfortably address sensitive topics in premarital counseling and how to create a marriage ceremony timeline and message that is Christ-centered. I will happily put my training into practice as I officiate my family member’s wedding this next month.

Taking this course and becoming a wedding officiant inspires me to continue what I started at CLI in 2016 before my life-changing storm happened. My goal is to utilize the programs and courses of CLI to become a stronger role model and leader in a Women’s Ministry. I want to be a positive influence within the Recovery Community that I work with as well. Finally, I hope to raise up future ministers, which I will refer to CLI for their educational needs. Thank you, CLI, for this awesome opportunity!

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.