Erica Moore

Erica Moore
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To Produce Disciple Doers of the Word!

Ministry Journey

Erica Moore has been a student at CLI since 2019 and since then has completed 9 credits and earned her deacon ordination along with 3 other awards.

Read Erica's Testimony in her own words

My name is Erica Moore, and I am the mother of a ten-year-old daughter. Her name is Joy. I am currently attending a four-year college (online). I will be obtaining my bachelor's on Organizational Leadership. My birth place is Gary, Indiana but I have relocated to DFW, Texas in 2016. My current employment is warehouse work. This is a place where I have been effective in winning souls to Christ. God also gave me the direction to start a community organization that goes by the name of proDOcers.

One of the aspects of this organization is to serve unique demographics, such as single fathers. The foundation scripture of the proDOcers is Matthew 9:38. (You can find more information below). My hobbies are a really wide range, from watching television to traveling to other countries and everything in-between.

Conversion Story

My life with Christ began twenty years ago at the age of 14. During this time I was stricken with seizures and in a constant state of depression. My God-Mother pulled me by the arm on a Wednesday night and said that the spirit impressed upon her that I need to be at church.

I went and received Christ and got healed. I have not had another seizure to this very day. God is a healer. 

I have been in Christ for twenty years and a lot has been lying dormant in me. A lot of the reason is due to life choices on my part. I do believe that God has called me to the work of the ministry. My knowledge of the importance of training is limited, but it is there. I have joined three churches in my life due to a lot of moving around. Whenever I join a church; I find where I can be of service.

My hope is that I would receive the training I need from CLI to effectively serve in ministry. I hope to make connections with new people. Training in evangelism is what I am most interested in.


North America
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