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Joseph Clark
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Joseph Clark
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To raise up Revival leaders in my country!

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Joseph has been a student at CLI since 2017 and since then has completed 73 credit hours with us, earned his Deacon ordination and several awards.

A father of 4, a former corporate professional, published author, and talk radio host, Joseph brings experience in the areas of marriage, divorce, infidelity, addiction, online pornography obsession, and depression, as a certified professional counselor and therapist. 

He has served as a spiritual counselor to the elderly and as a street evangelist and street minister to the homeless.  In addition to his diplomas with Christian Leaders Institute.

Joseph has multiple certificates with Harvard University in Christian Studies and has undergone formal training in Deliverance Ministry.

Joseph spent 30 years researching various false religions, reading books such as the Writings of Buddha, the Koran, The Baghadat Gita, and others, before he had his very own "Road to Damascus" experience, and unconditionally gave himself exclusively (with all of his heart, his mind, and his strength) to Christ, recognizing Jesus as "The Way, the Truth, and the Life."  Not just 'a way', but 'The Way'.  

Read Joesph's Testimony in His words

I came to know God through my family, our attendance at Church, and by attending Christian school from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  However, I did not truly realize my walk with God until late in life.  This was inspired by a culmination of life experiences both good and bad.

One day, while struggling with a very unfortunate human event, I gave myself unconditionally and fully to Christ.  Immediately, I was given the strength and wisdom to persevere and overcome.  I realized that prior to that moment, I enjoyed knowing that Christ was there, but I had neglected my faith and had made God the least of my daily priorities.

As I think of my future ministry, the word that comes to mind is a pastor.  I believe that my attributes, experience, and passions, will serve Christ best in this role.  I am enthusiastic and fulfilled at the very thought.  In terms of key experiences that prompted me to pursue my ministry studies, I cannot name only one.  It was a culmination of experiences, and in hindsight, I recognize how over the course of my entire life, God has been preparing me.


I recognize how over the course of my entire life, God has been preparing me.

Connecting to the Bible has transformed me by validating for me all that I had believed previously, but had taken for granted.  I had diluted my faith placing God as a fixture on the periphery of my daily existence, but I had not recognized and realized that he was always there front and center.  Connecting to the Bible has made me realize this.


Joseph is willing to help and serve other CLI students!

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