James Nixon

James Nixon
First Name
James Nixon
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To raise up revival leaders!

Ministry Journey

James Harrison Nixon was born in Lagrange, Georgia in 1987. He has a beautiful wife and two daughters. James felt a call to serve the Lord for a long time in his life. James had a heart for ministry at an early age. James admits he has not always been the example of Christian values. He once lived a life of drunkenness and careless attuites to a life of selfishness. He once placed value in the world seeking money and pleasure.

Now James seeks the fullness of the Holy Spirit. And even has decided to live a life of minimalism to please God. God told James in a dream that He should carry his cross and leave the world alone.

James started CLI in 2015 at since then has completed 65 credit hours. James believes that CLI has been a blessing because of its flexibility. James desires to help bring God’s lost sheep into the fold.

North America


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