Lorenzo Lewis

Lorenzo Lewis
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To raise up more revival leaders in Georgia!

Ministry Journey

Lorenzo Lewis was born in Michigan in 1965 to Henry and Laura Lewis.
Both his parents worked for General Motors auto plant in Flint which afforded our family a very comfortable lifestyle.

After leaving his home, he started down the road of petty crime, He found himself behind bars. After a couple of arrests, He realized this was not God's plan for his life and He gave my life to Christ in jail.

After over 20 years of being born again, He is now married to his beautiful wife, and together they have lovely blended family of 6 with 7 grandchildren.

He sensed the call into ministry and started studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He was ordained in 2018. He is willing to mentor CLI students with their ministry training and ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

ZIP Code
North America


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