Ordained Bible Teacher

Ordained Bible Teacher

My name is Miranda and I am excited to be an ordained Bible teacher. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I began studying at Christian Leaders Institute in May 2013 after wanting to increase my faith and knowledge of God’s Word. I was searching the internet for free courses and came across CLI. It has been a blessing to me since that day in May! I wanted to increase my knowledge of Scripture since I had the goal of one day teaching an adult Sunday school class. I wanted to become knowledgeable in the Word so I could help others increase in their knowledge of the Word. I was sure I would be teaching an adult Sunday school class by 2017, but I ended up with opportunities for kids instead. I went from volunteering with two year old children (for nearly 8 years) to teaching two classes for youth. I teach a Sunday school class for third graders at one church and also a class for junior high students at another church where I serve. It wasn’t what I had originally planned, but it is certainly what God has intended for me at this time in my life. I love planning my lessons for Sunday and have such a wonderful time with my church kids.

Since I began my study at CLI, my love for God’s Word has increased. My passion and desire for the Word grow each day and I am eager to see what new treasures await each day when I open the Bible. I love studying at CLI and learning about the Bible so that I can be an effective leader in ministry. Not only to increase my own walk of faith as I draw closer to God through His Word but also so I, as an ordained Bible teacher, can teach others the Word and increase their faith. I believe wholeheartedly that the Bible is the true, inerrant Word of God. I lead a Bible Book Club for adults in my community once a month and am looking forward to leading more community Bible groups. No matter if I am teaching children or adults, I come alive while sharing the Word. It is a calling and a passion. I serve on Sundays with youth and am looking to serve my community through the week by starting Bible groups. The Bible Book Club is only the beginning, Lord willing and the creek doesn’t rise! (a Southern US expression)

I was able to get my ordination service on Feb 6, 2018. I met with the pastor and the elders of one of my churches and we discussed what the ordination from CLI means for me as far as the ministry. They agreed to hold a small service for me right before their elder and staff meeting. It was as simple as a service can be. The pastor and three elders went over a litany with me and we had a prayer then the laying on of hands. I feel as though the Deacon Minister Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will assist me in my ministry because it adds credibility to my training. I think of it as a verification. The ordination verifies that not only have I had quality ministry training (and continue to study), but I also have three witnesses that can “verify” that my walk with God is well enough to go into ministry. I say “well enough” because we are never perfected in our walk and are always on a path of drawing closer to God. I am excited to see how God will use my ministry training and passion for His Word to serve Him. Pray that God can use me as an ordained Bible teacher to make a difference through His Word and do my part to fulfill the Great Commission: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations….”

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